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CTV delivers a fifth serving of MasterChef Canada for 2017/18 Season

From a media release:

Hot on the heels of a delectable Season 4 run, CTV announced today another season of its hit culinary competition series MASTERCHEF CANADA for the 2017/2018 broadcast season. Casting for home cooks looking to follow their culinary dream is now open at MasterChefCanada.CTV.ca/Casting, with production set to begin this fall in Toronto on a new 12-episode season from Proper Television.

Marking a return to the MASTERCHEF CANADA kitchen are distinguished Canadian judges Michael Bonacini (O&B restaurant empire), Alvin Leung (Bo Innovation in Hong Kong), and Claudio Aprile (Copetin Restaurant & Bar). The esteemed trio are poised to once again mentor and challenge everyday Canadians to elevate their cooking and presentation skills to a professional level, as home cooks compete in high-stakes cooking challenges to secure the MASTERCHEF CANADA title and take home a $100,000 cash prize.

Canadians maintain a strong appetite for MASTERCHEF CANADA. A Top 5 program with Millennials, Season 4 of MASTERCHEF CANADA was the most-watched Canadian program this past spring with total viewers and all key demos. The Season 4 finale alone averaged 1.4 million total viewers.

Casting for Season 5 of MASTERCHEF CANADA is now open at MasterChefCanada.CTV.ca/Casting. Passionate and talented Canadian home cooks hungry for an opportunity to pursue their culinary dreams have until 11:59 p.m. ET on September 17, 2017 to apply online. Casting will come to an end with Open Casting Call in Toronto on September 17 with additional details to be announced later this summer. Interviews are slated to take place this fall, and applicants are encouraged to apply early for an opportunity to meet producers when they are in their region. Additional details will be available at CTV.ca/MasterChefCanada.

MASTERCHEF CANADA is produced by Proper Television in association with CTV. Proper’s Vice-President and Creative Director Cathie James is the Showrunner and Executive Producer.


Amazing Race Canada battles cabs and heat in Beijing

Regular reader DanAmazing said he expected last week’s Leg of The Amazing Race Canada to be a non-elimination. So was I. The timing was right for it, and it would have given Megan and Courtney the opportunity to leave the country for at least one Leg.

So, was Beijing, China, the location where the final team would be spared and able to keep Racing? With all three Express Passes being used—or in the case of Megan and Courtney, eliminated along with them—the teams were evenly matched once again. (If you want some great behind-the-scenes insight into what challenges Insight Productions faced filming in China, read Bill Brioux and Jim Slotek’s columns.)

Zed and Shabbir were the first out of the gate and headed to the Great Wall of China. The father and son team have proved to be shrewd and cunning with brain games and able to duke it out with others in the physical challenges too. That makes for a very strong duo. Teams didn’t simply hop a flight from Kootenay, B.C., to Vancouver for another jet to China, however. First, they needed to find Sinorama Travel. No one got lost or delayed during the side trip, though the gift of panda key chains gave Korey and Ivana the opportunity to reveal they called themselves Team Panda, and hoped this was a good luck charm. It didn’t start out well for Team Panda. Korey and Ivana were plagued by the first slow cab of this season and worried they’d be the last team to arrive at the Great Wall. They swapped rides and got back into the groove … in last place.

Meanwhile, at the Wall itself, first-place arrivals Andrea and Adam were confounded by their first challenge: to memorize a walking tour and deliver it to a group of tourists in English, French and Mandarin. The siblings were a step ahead of most teams because they know French. Mandarin? Not so much. Ebonie’s television presenter background meant she could memorize a script well; others, like Bert and Karen, tried rap as a way to keep the language beats organized and Sam and Paul sang. Andrea and Ebonie were the first team to complete the task—on their first try, no less—and were off to the next test. They were quickly followed by Zed and Shabbir, Sam and Paul, Adam and Andrea, Kenneth and Ryan and Karen and Bert. Ivana and Korey departed in last place.

The next test took place at the Canadian embassy, where teams were to interrupt a game of road hockey and advance. It was a short visit, but enough to inject a little Canada into the Leg.

This week’s Detour, “In Sync” or “In Line,” was tough. Squads either stripped down to do synchronized dives in “In Sync,” or dressed up to perform a dance routine. (I would have chosen the dance.) Zed and Shabbir opted to just go for it rather than practice and that decision paid off; they departed the dive in first. Ebonie and Andrea, meanwhile, go worse the more they practiced and switched to dancing. Karen and Bert were the first to nail the dancing—and looked fab doing it—and were off. Ivana’s tweaky back meant she and Korey had to abandon the diving in favour of the dance.

The Road Block delved into China’s history of medicine, challenging a team member to fill a prescription using herbal medicines written out in Chinese. Sam’s attention to detail and studying to become a doctor came into play and he leapt past Shabbir and Kenneth to give he and Paul the lead. Zed and Shabbir were close behind,

This week’s Pit Stop was located at Beijing’s drum tower, where Sam and Paul scored their first first-place finish this season; the dating couple landed a trip back to China. Zed and Shabbir were right there, in second place.

Korey and Ivana, who had been playing catch-up all Leg long, vaulted past Ebonie and Andrea to take the last spot on the mat. Luckily for them, and as I suspected, this was a non-eliminaton Leg, so the business partners are around for at least one more jaunt.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg of the Race:

  1. Sam and Paul (trip to China)
  2. Zed and Shabbir
  3. Adam and Andrea
  4. Kenneth and Ryan
  5. Karen and Bert
  6. Ivana and Korey
  7. Andrea and Ebonie (non-elimination Leg)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.


Saving Hope sets up its series finale

This is it, Saving Hope fans. The penultimate episode of CTV’s long-running medical drama is coming to a close. Last week, Cassie exited Hope Zion for a dream gig working with her hero in New York City and Alex proposed to Charlie, setting up what we’re pretty sure will be their wedding in the series finale … unless it happens this week.

But before nuptials can happen—if they really happen—everyone has to get through this Thursday’s episode unscathed. Here’s what CTV has revealed in its episode synopsis for “First and Last,” written by Patrick Tarr and directed by Jordan Canning:

Dr. Alex Reid and Dr. Charlie Harris have to put their own wedding plans aside while visiting a chapel after a bride falls down the stairs and they have to work to save her life. When a down-on-his-luck patient comes in with liver failure due to a lifetime of hard drinking despite trying to turn his life around, Dr. Zach Miller takes a special interest in the case and tries to get him a transplant, with Dr. Jackson Wade (Joseph Pierre) offering to help. Dr. Shahir Hamza and Dr. Dana Kinney are confronted with a coma patient who wakes up with no memory of the last 20 years of his life.

Here are more tidbits we can divulge after watching a screener.

Matt Gordon guest stars
It’s so great to see Matt Gordon back on our television screens! The veteran actor, who has starred on Rookie Blue and most recently on Mary Kills People, checks into Hope Zion as Liam, who wakes up from a coma having lost 20 years of memories. Only Gordon can bring the humour and sensitivity needed to play a role like this, and we’re thrilled he was cast.

Jeremy sticks around
Turns out Peter Mooney’s appearance wasn’t a one-time thing; with Alex going on maternity leave and Cassie gone, it looks like there might be a spot open for Dr. Bishop.

Dr. Scott is traumatized
Who wouldn’t be, after what happened in the break room last week, when that wrestler wouldn’t take no for an answer?

Jobless Daddy has its perks
Alex and Luke are getting gourmet breakfasts in bed now that Charlie has the time to make them. What can be better than that? Also, Alex and Charlie’s one-upmanship at planning what will be served at their wedding reception had me laughing … and then drooling. Meanwhile, the future of a soon-to-be bride has Alex and Charlie reflecting on the history of their own relationship and fate.

Shahir and Jonathan are struggling
Losing out on the adoption last week has left the pair reeling and Shahir wondering if it’s time to walk away from the relationship.

Jackson gets a major storyline
Usually there for comic relief—which we totally love, by the way—Jackson is part of a big, emotional storyline. Be forewarned: have tissues at the ready.

Cringeworthy term of the week
Penile swab.

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.


Link: The Amazing Race Canada’: Beijing leg leaves racers wanting more

From Jim Slotek of Postmedia Network:

Link: The Amazing Race Canada’: Beijing leg leaves racers wanting more
It’s just past 5 p.m., closing time at the hilly Juyong Pass access point of The Great Wall of China. A world tourist attraction is eerily deserted – save for a handful of concerned producers from The Amazing Race Canada. Continue reading. 

From Bill Brioux of Brioux.tv:

Link: China bound with The Amazing Race Canada
For the past ten years, my life has gone like this: be a freelance TV beat writer; see the world.

The most spectacular trip so far may have been to China in May with the teams participating in The Amazing Race Canada. Thanks to Jim Quan and the folks at CTV PR, I was invited to tag along as teams from across Canada raced around the massive capital city of Beijing. Continue reading.


Amazing Race Canada: Teamwork and Express Passes in small-town B.C.

No one wants to be eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada, especially when you have an Express Pass in your back pocket. It’s hard to know exactly when to use the pass. Do you waste it because you have it and might as well, or should you wait for a strategic moment?

Alas, Megan and Courtney found out the hard way on Tuesday night when they were eliminated from the Race without getting a chance to use the Express Pass that Kenneth and Ryan gave them. I felt bad for the friends from Newfoundland, especially because they’d been in first place during last week’s Leg and were a hoot to watch. It will be interesting to see how Kenneth and Ryan fare now that the girls are gone; they’d given them the Express Pass in exchange for help in challenges and that paid off in the tent test.

Speaking of Kenneth and Ryan, they were forced to use their Express Pass to ensure they finished the Leg ahead of other teams. Forget big cities; it was small B.C. towns Castlegar and Nelson that threw everyone for a loop with a detail-oriented camping challenge and map-related tests in Nelson. It was during this Leg that hidden talents and Achilles heels were revealed. Ivana and Korey may not excel when it comes to directions—they spent a long time wondering where the heck they were—but showed a gift for pottery when they arrived at the Throw It Detour and blasted past the teams who’d been struggling there for awhile. Andrea’s graphic design and arts background served she and Adam well during the tent and pottery tests, putting them in third place.

Zed and Shabbir hit their stride, literally, nailing every challenge in pretty quick succession on the way to a first-place spot on the mat and a trip to Chicago.

Karen and Bert—who are quickly becoming my favourites because of his cheesy dad jokes and her facial expressions—were confident using their Express Pass put them in first place and were shocked when Jon Montgomery informed them they were in the middle of the pack. That just illustrates to me how far apart duos were during this Leg; unless you were working with another team you were pretty much on your own and unaware of how others were doing.

Kenneth and Ryan, who dedicated the Leg to the memories of Will and Dave, two of Ryan’s college friends who died skiing in the area, struggled to make two hooks out of iron in the Strike It Detour and utlilized their Express Pass just to stay alive. There was a silver lining for them, however: they were awarded $5,000 from Chevrolet for being the most energy-efficient during the Leg.

Next week the teams go international for the first time this season as they jet to China.

Here’s how the teams finished Leg 3:

  1. Zed and Shabbir (trip for two to Chicago)
  2. Korey and Ivana
  3. Andrea and Adam
  4. Sam and Paul
  5. Karen and Bert (used Express Pass)
  6. Kenneth and Ryan (used Express Pass; won $5,000)
  7. Andrea and Ebonie
  8. Megan and Courtney (eliminated)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m ET/PT on CTV.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.