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The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition — Meet Chewy & Happy, Courtney & Adam and Dylan & Kwame

The Amazing Race‘s 10 teams have finally been revealed and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is this season of the Race—returning Tuesday, July 3, at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. MT on CTV—being dubbed Heroes Edition because of the inspirational folks involved, but we actually got a chance to meet the teams before they began the Race. Not only that, but we were among a small group of Canadian media who observed a leg of the Race being run! More on that later; in the meantime, check out our interviews with the 10 teams competing this summer!

Corey “Chewy” Liddle and Mark “Happy” LaVerdiere
Occupations: Retired Air Force Pilots

You were nominated to participate in The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition. Any reservations about taking part?
Happy: None. We’re pumped. We made a video about what we did and how we got our call signs.

So, should I ask how you got your call signs?
Chewy: Sure! First of all, you don’t pick your call signs. This isn’t Top Gun. It almost always comes out of something you’ve done that is stupid or by mistake.

Happy: And there is a process to it. You gather with all of your peers and there is a naming ceremony.

Chewy: I broke my ankle playing hockey 15-20 years ago. I’ve already got a bit of a limp, a bit of a strut. And one day I was walking to the jet and I was wearing all of my survival gear, so my strut was even more pronounced as a result of that. Someone just said, off the cuff, ‘Man, you look like you’re walking like a Wookie.’ It was just one of those things.

Happy: For me, there is a very handsome actor by the name of Adam Sandler that did this movie in the 90s. And with my hockey background and playing golf … when the whole Happy Gilmore thing came out, it instantly stuck. And, as a fighter pilot, I wanted an aggressive call sign. No, Happy.

Do you think The Amazing Race Canada will be easier than some of the things you have done, seen and experienced as part of the Canadian Armed Forces?
Chewy: It’s not going to be easy, no. I think we’ll be able to use the skills that we’ve learned over the years, especially being able to approach these challenges in a calm, cool, collected manner and methodically work through our options. I think we’re well-suited to handle some of the challenges.

Happy: We’re the oldest team too. We’re almost 50 years old, but I think our life experience and our situational awareness will allow us to keep cool under pressure.

Do either of you have a secret skill that you think might give you a leg up on the competition?
Happy: We’ve never been asked that, but we’re just average Canadians. We’re normal dudes. We’re the dad. Our skill is just working the problem and strategize. Even if we’re the last team to check in and having difficulties we just have to stay the course.

Will you team up with others if it means you succeed in a task?
Chewy: We’ve agreed that, in the early stages, we’ll help other teams. And decision we make will be to benefit our game, obviously, but we’ll try to do it through fair play. The teams that did the best seemed to minimize their own errors and not worry about the other teams.

Courtney Berglind and Adam Kovacs
Occupations: Nurse (Courtney) and Firefighter (Adam)

Do you know you nominated you?
Courtney: We assume our friends and family.

Adam: Whoever it was, we’re super grateful.

This is a Heroes Edition of The Amazing Race Canada. What do you think makes a hero?
Courtney: There are so many different heroes. We’re so honoured to be on this season. We were going to apply before we found out what kind of season it was.

Adam: It’s many-faceted. You can have your everyday heroes, someone who makes the smallest difference in somebody else’s life through just a smile or a word. That can mean the world to someone. Or it can be someone who puts themselves out there and sacrifices their own time or money or well-being for another person.

The two of you interact with people, sometimes on the very worst days of their lives. How do you deal with that? Do you talk it through together?
Courtney: We’re incredibly lucky to have each other in that sense. People who don’t have that type of job have a hard time relating to it. To keep in mind that you’re doing it to help somebody is a good way to keep your spirits up. You know you’re making a difference and you’re there at a time when someone needs you.

Adam: Our department is really getting on board with the road to mental wellness. The cliché of the tough fireman who is immune to everything has kind of gone by the wayside. It’s more about your mental well-being and watching out for the other guy. And, at home, having somebody that I can talk to and relate to, joke with … talk about how something affected me … it takes a load off your shoulders.

You deal with stress every day. Will that help you in The Amazing Race?
Courtney: We perform well under pressure. I was like that in school. I was a procrastinator and would leave my papers until two days before they were due. I would stay up all night and get it done. It’s a totally different experience in the sense that there will be things that are super-scary.

Adam: You never know what you’re going to get when you go in to work and it’s the same thing here. We’ll take whatever comes at us and be as ready as we can.

Dylan Elias and Kwame Osei
Occupations: Youth Mentor/Sport Program Developer (Dylan) and Phys Ed Teacher/Football Coach (Kwame)

What is a hero to you?
Dylan: Someone who gives service to others as much as they humanly can.

Kwame: I feel the same way. Everybody in the world can be a hero. It doesn’t matter how many people consider you a hero. As long as one person considers you a hero, you’re a hero.

What did you do for your tape?
Kwame: What we usually do. Me bugging him.

Dylan: We told a couple of stories.

Kwame: We did it at his house surrounded by his cats.

Dylan: Don’t talk about my babies.

Kwame: His cats that he wishes were dogs. [Laughs.]

Why will you two win? What will put you on the podium and not anyone else?
Kwame: We have the drive that is very rare. Dylan and I firmly believe in a whole bigger cause. If it was just he and I, it would be easy for us to quit any challenge. But we know this is bigger than us. There is more to it. We’re not going to give up, and we’re going to make sure we win for the thousands of people who are supporting us.

Dylan: This is our cause. This is what drives us.

Anything that might slow you down?
Dylan: Definitely math. We realized neither of us is very strong in that area [Laughs.] but I think we’re both good enough that we’ll get through.

Kwame: We might need to create some kind of alliances along the way.

In what circumstances would you work with other teams aside from math?
Kwame: Find the math people early! And, maybe some other team will want to use us for our physicality. A wise man once told me, ‘If you’re not being used, you’re useless.’

The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. MT on CTV.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.


Masterchef Canada: And the final two competitors are…

Tonight, it was a battle for the place in the MasterChef Canada season finale and making dreams come true for the home cooks. Only one step is left for the Top 2. Who was going to be the lucky duo?

The MasterChef Canada kitchen surprised Andy, Beccy and Michael G. as they entered the room. Three different restaurants with three different cuisines were set up for three contestants to create a pop-up menu. Andy’s Halifax Hawker House served Asian street food with an East Coast flair. Beccy’s UK Gastro Pub gave an old classic a new modern twist. Michael’s Canadian Comfort Lodge was all about Canada. With 90 minutes to go and 30 food bloggers ready to eat, there was no pressure on the kitchen. Beccy and Michael G. were more traditional in their ideas, while Andy went in the absolutely different direction. He knew that Beccy and Michael G. were way more technical, so he went with some interesting flavour choices.

The bloggers came in and the show began. Andy served Korean halibut tartare with caramelized kimchi and yuzu curd. The dish looked stunning with bright, fresh and beautiful plating. But Chefs Claudio, Alvin and Michael were a bit disappointed with the lack of balance in the dish. Beccy made squab two ways with shredded Brussels sprouts and Yorkshire pudding to praise her heritage. The plating left the judges speechless. The cook on the meat was perfect, but the dish was not seasoned enough. The last dish of the night was a crusted rack of lamb with butternut squash confit, polenta and pea purée by Michael G. He surprised the judges with his plating, but some missed a few components and the cook on the meat was not even. Each home cook’s dish had their pros and cons. Chefs Claudio, Alvin and Michael made their decision. The winner of this challenge was … BECCY! She had made it to the FINALE!

Michael G. and Andy were left to battle in the Pressure Test. And the test didn’t disappoint. The challenge was to create three different classic Canadian desserts. The Nanaimo bar, butter tart and blueberry grunt were perfect on the judges’ table. Michael G. and Andy had 75 minutes to replicate the desserts and make them as perfect as the judges’ were. The final Pressure Test of the season was hard, fast and extremely emotional. Andy rushed to do the desserts, as he was redoing his missteps. Michael G. was pushing hard and was ahead of Andy.

Chefs Claudio, Alvin and Michael tried all of the plates. The look was important, but the taste was the main element. The home cook who would compete with Beccy in the finale was chosen. ANDY was the winner of the Pressure Test and Michael G.  went home. Who do you think will win MasterChef Canada this season? Let me know in the comments below!

MasterChef Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.


Comments and queries for the week of June 8

I just heard that The Detail has been cancelled. I am very disappointed. The Detail was on our list for Sunday night at 9 p.m. I wish CTV would reconsider and bring it back. Thank you. —Nicole

Loved the show but hated the last episode. I hated the shooting death of the lady in the truck who stopped. That really bothered me. —Penny

One of my favourite shows, bummer. —Sharyn

I’m so pissed! I loved that show! Why are the good shows cancelled? Is it because it was women who were the leading roles? I hope CTV changes their minds! The Detail is a great TV show! —Rebecca

Darn. It was a CTV original series I actually liked. That’s too bad. —Alicia

This show is absolutely fantastic. I am so sad! —Lisa

I’m sorry to hear this news. I really enjoyed the show, the cast was great. Very happy to have seen David Cubitt in a new show. I still miss Traders! I hope Netflix picks it up. —Rachel

I do hope someone else picks it up, such as Netflix. I enjoyed this program. Canada so few drama series. —Karl

Sorry to hear, was enjoying from outside Canada. Good luck to cast and crew, hope they find new projects soon. —Hallie

Sad. My wife and I enjoyed it very much. So glad they didn’t leave us hanging with the final episode. Hope they rethink this decision. —Bob

That’s a shame even though I was never really enamoured with it. I found it a bit too serious for my taste. Loved the cast though. —John

Got a question or comment about Canadian TV? Email greg.david@tv-eh.com or via Twitter @tv_eh.


Bell Media unveils exclusive CTV-branded portfolio of channels, creates next-generation digital destination, and launches new CTV Movies service

From a media release:

In a bold move to strategically leverage Canada’s #1 entertainment brand, Bell Media announced today it will rebrand four of its leading entertainment specialty channels as CTV properties. Space, Bravo, Comedy, and Gusto will become CTV Sci-Fi, CTV Drama, CTV Comedy, and CTV Life. They will be joined by CTV Movies and CTV Vault, two new ad-supported VOD services, in a new CTV digital super-hub featuring all seven services.

With the new CTV super-hub, Canada’s best entertainment content will now be curated and exhibited together in a singular CTV destination. THE HANDMAID’S TALE, STAR TREK DISCOVERY, CARDINAL, THE BIG BANG THEORY, and Spider-Man, for example, will co-exist within the same environment.

The rebrand of the four specialties will be preceded by the launch of two, new digital VOD services, CTV Movies and CTV Vault. Debuting “in front of the wall” on the new CTV digital platform, CTV Movies and CTV Vault will each offer thousands of hours of content, refreshed weekly, all flowing from a ground-breaking new partnership with Sony Pictures Television.

The expansive movie catalogue will feature titles from every genre including, for the first time, family-oriented films, as well as blockbuster franchise titles like Spider-Man and Men In Black. CTV Vault will be the home of the entire catalogues of some of television’s most-popular series like COMMUNITY, RESCUE ME, DAMAGES, and THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, among others. Free to consumers, the two services are 100% ad supported, and will anchor the new CTV super-hub with the newly branded CTV channels to follow.

The CTV super-hub will be available on connected devices everywhere, including the web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple and Android TV, Xbox One, and Samsung smart TVs.


MasterChef Canada’s Top 3 are revealed

The Top 5! The MasterChef Canada title is closer than ever before. Tonight, the home cooks returned to where it all started. There were mystery boxes waiting for cooks. What was in them? The ingredient that helped them to get on the show and be the lucky chefs in the first place. But that wasn’t the only surprise! Families!! Contestants got to cook with their loved ones. I was really excited to see the teamwork and powerful unity of a family.

The home cooks had one hour to master their ingredient in a new, more exciting way. Chefs Claudio, Alvin and Michael made their choice. The first to call was Andy and his wife Jessica. They prepared a scallop ceviche with a pistachio-coconut cracker; it was a light and fresh little dish. Beccy and her father, Chris, were the next pick made by the judges. Their chicken roulade with beets two ways and butternut squash purée not only looked spectacular, but the taste was outstanding as well. The final couple was Michael G. and his sister Sarah! The look of their pork and lamb ravioli with tomato basil sauce and grilled cauliflower was mouth-watering. However, it’s the judges who had to decide, not my hungry stomach. The winner was chosen: Beccy and her father Chris were the winners.

What was next? The Elimination Challenge! The home cooks met past MasterChef Canada winners who had baskets full of incredible ingredients themed for baking, Asian, Italian and seafood. So many flavours! Beccy had the right to distribute the baskets among the other contestants. Chef Claudio, Alvin and Michael had to try all the dishes and decide who was going to be in Top 3!

Nadia received the seafood basket and made fried crab and fried green tomatoes. The chefs were not amused. Michael G. and his Asian basket delivered Thai green curry with poached lobster and crispy geoduck. It was a good attempt by Michael to cook Asian. Eugene cooked pasta and meatballs … and the meatballs were hidden in the tomatoes! Andy received the baking basket. He was terrified but made a nice looking sweet and savoury tart with candied bacon and mascarpone cream. It was terrific! The last to call was Beccy, who made poached pears with pink peppercorn tofu and cranberry curd. It looked nice, but the taste was not there.

Michael G. and Andy made it through to the Top 3! And with just one space left between three home cooks, the final spot went to … Beccy!

MasterChef Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.