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The Beaverton skewers Canada’s federal election in a new CTV special

The politicians are on the campaign trail, struggling mightily to win your vote. That means long days and nights, crisscrossing the country. It’s an ambitious and deeply tiring schedule. Equally exhausting? Covering it.

That’s what the folks at The Beaverton aim to do. Airing Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, the one-hour special The Beaverton Mocks the Vote puts the federal political leaders in their crosshairs as co-anchors Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas skewer every step the political parties have taken since the election was called.

We spoke to the pair about what viewers can expect when they tune in to The Beaverton Mocks the Vote.

How much planning has been going into this? Is this a typical writer’s room where you are getting together on the week and figuring stuff out as you work towards the 18th?
Emma Hunter: We are preparing the skeletal outlines for what things could be with a couple of variations, depending on if it goes right or left. We always think we prepare ourselves to have a full, calm day on set and it is always a madhouse. [Co-creator] Luke Gordon Field hasn’t showered, [co-creator] Jeff Detsky is sweaty, somebody’s throwing a muffin and there are a hundred coffees. It’s just chaos in the best way. So I think it will be that. I anticipate that the two days before the taping will just be absolute chaos, but it’s sort of a sick, pleasurable chaos.

Miguel Rivas: We can only write the most relevant stuff as the election is approaching. We’ve already been together for weeks, full time just starting to write other pieces and stuff because it’s going to be a full hour. We’re going to explore lots of elements of the election. So it’s not all necessarily timely related to news that breaks. There are bigger stories that we can dive into in the timeframe.

Anything that you can talk about? 
MR: We’re really excited about what’s going to frame the election and that we’ve already had something big break. The brownface scandal is obviously ongoing, unfortunately, due to Trudeau’s comments and the nature of the fact that it’s time to discuss the harmfulness of brownface and blackface again. That’s the nature of race and immigration and obviously all the candidates mainly from the Conservatives, but also from the Liberals and NDP who’ve been exposed for having said other racist stuff in the past on Twitter. So, we’re taking a huge look at how we identify as Canadians and how it relates to race and stuff.

This election campaign has seemed to be a lot more mean-spirited than in the past. Do you attribute that to what’s going on in the States? 
MR: Yeah, for sure. I think everything we do is affected by the U.S., but the global climate, in general, is one of harshness, shall we say. And yeah, I do think that there’s a tenor that comes with that and I think elections are kind of being redefined in people’s minds what they mean. And personal figures have always been important, but they seem to become so much more important. The symbolic member of the party, Justin Trudeau, Scheer, Trump, whoever, and the cult of personality that builds up around them … I think the nature of that starts to lean into personal attacks rather than discussions of policy. I think many people, if not most people, would consider the biggest issue facing Canada in the world is climate change. And every party has now sort of waded into the waters of talking about climate change, but it still feels like secondary or even third or fourth or fifth in line to issues of is this guy a racist or is that person nice to me?

EH: It’s exhausting and it’s disappointing and I think this brownface thing just left everybody with just this sort of exhalation of like, ‘Really? Really?‘ And I think the way everybody handled it was to be expected, trying to capitalize on it and use it and it was such an easy thing to do. Of course, they would. So it’s just cutthroat out there. It is such a specific thing to want to do with your life, to put every moment that’s potentially vulnerable out there for the rest of the parties to feed on. I have no idea why they do it. I hope the motivation is to make change for a better world, but something inside tells me it’s usually more than that.

The Beaverton Mocks the Vote airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.

Image courtesy of Bell Media.


CTV and Netflix partner for inspiring wedding series I Do, Redo starring Jessica Mulroney

From a media release:

Internationally acclaimed wedding expert and celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney will helm the all-new original wedding series I DO, REDO for CTV and Netflix, it was announced today. In her first television series, CTV’s newest lifestyle star Mulroney revisits first-time wedding disasters before re-making the wedding dreams of 10 devoted couples.

The 10-episode, 30-minute series from Insight Productions (a Boat Rocker company) is currently in production in Canada and the U.S. The latest collaboration between Bell Media and Netflix, I DO, REDO is set to premiere in 2020 on CTV, CTV Life Channel, and Crave in Canada, and on Netflix internationally. 

Mulroney has built an illustrious career in fashion, weddings, and consulting and currently serves as a fashion contributor on GOOD MORNING AMERICA. I DO, REDO is Mulroney’s inaugural collaboration with CTV and Netflix.

I DO, REDO is produced by Insight Productions in association with CTV and distributed globally by Boat Rocker Studios. John Brunton is Executive Producer and Erin Brock serves as both Executive Producer and Showrunner.


Production underway on Season 2 of CTV’s hit comedy Jann

From a media release:

CTV, in association with Project 10 Productions and SEVEN24 Films, announced today that production has begun on Season 2 of its hit MADE® in Canada comedy series, JANN. Filming in Calgary, Season 2 consists of eight, half-hour episodes, up from its six-episode first season.

Season 1 of the critically acclaimed comedy reigns as the most-watched Canadian comedy series of the 2018-19 broadcast year. Starring multi-platinum award-winning Canadian singer, songwriter, broadcaster, and author Jann Arden as a fictionalized version of herself, Season 2 of JANN joins CTV’s mid-season schedule in early 2020.

Guest stars confirmed for Season 2 include singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan as herself, actress Elisha Cuthbert (THE RANCH, HAPPY ENDINGS, 24, The Girl Next Door) as school board parent Liz, and singer, host, and actress Keshia Chanté (SOUL, PRIVATE EYES), as up-and-coming singer Nia Taylor.

In Season 2, Jann’s (Jann Arden) hilarious and self-deprecating, attention-drawing antics continue, as the series picks up immediately following last season’s cliffhanger finale. Viewers were left wondering whether Jann would embark on a tour or stay behind to help her mother Nora (Deborah Grover), who’s showing early signs of memory loss, and sister Max (Zoie Palmer), who was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.


CTV renews most-watched Canadian series of the year, The Amazing Race Canada

From a media release:

On the heels of the Season 7 finale last night, CTV today announced that THE AMAZING RACE CANADA has been renewed for an eighth season, welcoming a new group of racers to the starting line when it returns in 2020. An average audience of more than 1.9 million viewers tuned in weekly to THE AMAZING RACE CANADA this summer on CTV, making it not only the most-watched series of the summer but also the top Canadian series of the 2018/19 broadcast year.

Hosted by Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery, casting details for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will be announced soon, and brand integration opportunities for Season 8 are now available.

With final data of the complete season to be reported in the coming weeks, season-to-date THE AMAZING RACE CANADA drew larger audiences in Season 7 than the previous year among total viewers and in all key demos, seeing a double-digit growth with A18-34 (+38%) and A18-49 (+12%). The series was the most-watched summer program for an incredible seventh year in-a-row among the key A25-54 demographic.

The current season of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is streaming on CTV.ca and the CTV app, and will join the all-new Crave, along with previous seasons of the series, on Friday, Sept. 13.


The Amazing Race Canada: And the winners are…

Dave and Irina’s elimination from The Amazing Race Canada meant the title truly was up for grabs. Love them or hate them (and many, many of you fell into the latter category), they were dominant all season long. So, would it be Andrew and James, Lauren and Joanne or Sarah and Sam who would race their way to cash, cars, trips and the title?

At first blush, it seemed like Anthony and James could take it. They, aside from Dave and Irina, struggled the least in challenges. And, despite a couple of emotional moments, kept their heads in tough times. But the sisters and athletes proved they were worthy too.

The final Leg of The Amazing Race Canada would be decided in Ontario’s cottage country. Here’s what went down.

Floatplanes delivered the final three teams to the lake-filled part of the province, with Port Carling in their sights. While Anthony and James and Sarah and Sam jockeyed for position in taxis in Toronto, Lauren dropped her clue, setting she and her sister back even further. Anthony and James scored the first plane, with the athletes nabbing the second. While those four took to the air, Joanne and Lauren were still grounded and back at the airport. After some help at the information booth, the siblings were skyward, but with a lot of time to make up.

A woman and man build a chair.A life-sized trivia game challenged teams to recall tests during each Leg of the Race. Answer all of the questions? Advance. This was a nice twist on the usual franchise memory game, with the added bonus of giving host Jon Montgomery some quality screen time. Anthony and James had completed two questions before Sam and Sarah arrived. They quickly tied the married couple at two apiece. Instead of sticking it out through the whole game, the producers’ editing suite took over, zipping Anthony and James ahead to their final question. They got it right and moved on.

In the Road Block, teams headed to Clevelands House Resort where one member strapped themselves to a hydro fly board. Once riding a pillar of water, they had to toss a bean bag into a target. James, Sam and Joanne all opted to go flying … and screaming. After much practising and numerous tries, James was the first to hit the target, followed by Sam, and then Joanne.

A boat ride to Rosseau Lake College was next, where teams had to build an eight-foot Muskoka chair, with a miniature version as their guide. Anthony’s builder background served him well, and they were off to the races. It took Sam a second or two to realize he was missing a key component of a drill—the bit—and then they started assembling. Lauren, still feeling badly for losing their clue at the airport, took charge. Anthony missed one screw, but it didn’t slow him down much and he and James departed first. Sam and Sarah were done next.

Two women build a chair.In the second Road Block, teams drove to Santa’s Village in Bracebridge. Once there, the team member who wasn’t on the water had to search for a themed candy cane to deliver to the big man himself for the gift of their next clue. Anthony found a red and yellow candy cane just ahead of Sarah.

Teams left Santa behind in favour of Bala, Ont., and Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh to set up an irrigation system for the farm’s cranberry marsh. There was a lot of running around, falling, and water, but James and Anthony stayed ahead of Sam and Sarah. But some missed connections threatened to derail them. It appeared both teams completed the task at the same time and it would be a footrace to the mat, located at Camp Mini-Yo-We.

It may have seemed close thanks to the editing, but it appeared Anthony and James cruised to victory. They thanked everyone who had helped them along the way. Sarah and Sam placed second, with Lauren and Joanne in third. As a finale, it was a little light on nailbiting drama, but it was a nice wrapup to a good season.

Here’s how the teams finished the final Leg of the Race.

  1. Anthony and James
  2. Sarah and Sam
  3. Joanne and Lauren

Are you happy with the results? What would you like to say to the winning team? Let me know in the comments below.