Odd Job Jack web-based extras

(From the comments section below, because it deserves a post of its own:)

Download all the files used in the Aug. 5 episode now:

Episodes 1, 2, and 3 of our creative commons Odd Job Jack project “freejack” are now up with a high speed seed.

We also just put up a sample flash movie, two video tutorials, 23 animation guides and 13 interviews with our production team:

If you bother to register then you are in a draw for a PlayStation 3. How much better does it get than this?


3 thoughts on “Odd Job Jack web-based extras”

  1. Hi. Thanks for the support of Odd Job Jack’s Freejack program. We just released a single torrent containing all 13 Freejack archives. Think of it as a full set.

    Download it here:

    This archive contains master flash assets from 13 episodes including:
    – 1416 characters
    – 914 props
    – 2762 cameras

    You can browse all the files before downloading the torrent:

    Check out our 39 production interviews, videos, worksheets, and tutorials here:

    Learn about the Odd Job Jack season 2 DVD just released here:

    Catch Odd Job Jack in ‘person’ in his mall tour:

    Don’t forget to register at OddJobJack.com for a chance to win a PlayStation 3.


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License so feel free to share, remix and mash. Don’t forget to send us a link to your work.

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