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In the news: Blogs keep storylines alive

From the Canadian Press:

  • Fictional blogs keep TV storylines alive on web for dedicated fans
    “Nowadays it’s fictional blog entries from the show’s characters that are taking centre stage, extending storylines from the TV broadcast to the Internet, or the other way around. Canadian shows like CTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation and CBC’s Being Erica are among series with characters living second lives online.” Read more.

Canadian TV on Twitter

As previously posted, TV, eh? (aka me, Diane) is now on Twitter, writing 140 character or fewer thoughts mostly about television in general. In part, I hope to show that Canadian TV is part of the pop culture landscape, not some separate island unto itself.

Residing in that landscape are of course others from the Canadian TV scene, tweeting about a wide range of topics. Apologies to those I’ve missed, and please comment, email or tweet omissions and I’ll add to future lists.

  • CanMediaLayoffs: Possibly the most depressing Twitter feed, the name speaks for itself
  • carolinegodin: on life and tv
  • Flashpoint_TV: the co-creator of Flashpoint gives a peek behind the scenes
  • heywriterboy: Denis McGrath, a writer whose credits include The Border.
  • inkcanada: Ink Canada doyenne, writer Karen Walton
  • jill380: Jill Golick on new media and TV writing, and much more.
  • johncallaghan: Flashpoint story coordinator John Callaghan on tv, music, etc.
  • justinsb Justin Beach, webmaster of Publicbroadcasting.ca
  • mcphadenmike: Writer/actor Mike McPhaden
  • Memles: Myles A. McNutt, TV blogger from Nova Scotia
  • MisterJohnDoyle: Globe and Mail tv critic John Doyle, mostly linking to his columns
  • mjreid: “On-the-cusp Canadian screenwriter and videogame addict”
  • morjana: Posts regularly about Sanctuary and Stargate
  • mutanto: writer Peter Mohan (Blood Ties, Mutant X) on writing, tv, movies, etc.
  • RobboMills: “Writer, Producer, Director, Puppeteer, Curmudgeon”
  • theborder: The Border’s official Twitter feed
  • thetelevixen: TV blogger from Toronto
  • theTVaddict: TV blogger from Toronto
  • wilzmak: Wil Zmak, writer on Tom Stone, giving movie, music, tv, and book recommendations

Follow TV, eh? on Twitter and let me know of any other Twitterers I should know about.


MuchMusic Video Awards online initiatives

From a media release:

MuchMusic tranforms the corner of Queen & John in Toronto into the biggest party in the country with the 2008 MMVAs, this Sunday, June 15. The MMVAs engages and interacts with its audience. This year the Much team has come up with some innovative online opportunities, giving the fans access to the show, and additional exclusive content online wherever they are in the country. Included in this year’s online initiatives, Much gives viewers a chance to win $10,000 during the show with MMVA10k (www.muchmusic.com/mmva10k). Viewers answer real-time questions about what’s happening live on the show and collect points to win.

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