Corner Gas: One Step Ahead of Prison Break

From CTV:

Last night at 8 p.m., more Canadians chose CTV’s Corner Gas, than an all-new simulcast episode of Prison Break on Fox/Global. Corner Gas reeled in 1.5 million viewers vs 1.45 million watching Prison Break.

When measuring the half hour only (8-8:30 p.m), Corner Gas was unbeatable, with 6 per cent more total viewers head to head.

In all, CTV had Monday night’s top 3 most watched programs of the night (CSI: Miami, CTV Evening News, Corner Gas).

All audience figures are courtesy of BBM Nielsen Media Research and represent a nation-wide picture of television viewing in Canada.


2 thoughts on “Corner Gas: One Step Ahead of Prison Break”

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  2. Prison Break has fractured into too many sub-plots since they escaped from prison. I’m not surprised that people are losing interest.

    Corner Gas, on the other hand, seems to get better each season! The characters are more fleshed-out, the comedy is more off-the-wall, the timing of the acting is sharper, etc.

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