Robson Arms season one online, season two coming soon

From series writer David Moses at Don’t Feed the Writer:

  • “For those of you who missed the first season, you can watch it online, chez CTV’s website.”

From CTV:

Saturday Feb. 10 at 9pm ET – Ordinary Assholes

Season 2 of Robson Arms picks up with a “For Sale” sign outside of the apartment building following an earthquake and the death of the building’s owners at the end of the first season.

Great location… too bad about the neighbours.

Hey Neighbour!  Welcome back to Robson Arms, the once-grand low-rise apartment building in Vancouver’s West End. Although it’s recently suffered an earthquake, it’s still home to a motley collection of tenants with lives as complex and cracked as the building itself.  

Season 2 of Robson Arms picks up 6 months after Season 1 left off.   The previous owners of the building are dead and a “For Sale” sign sits front and center outside.  As with any apartment building, some people have moved on … and others have moved in.

Still very much in residence, Yuri Kukoc, (John Cassini) the somewhat charming but always sleazy building superintendent, finds himself confronted by a new and much younger boss; Caldo Vasco (Leslie Nielsen) suffers an accident and becomes even more cantankerous; Sault Ste Marie (Alisen Down) mistakes stalking for romance after an awkward affair with Nick Papathanasiou (Fred Ewanuick); Pot head Hal Garcia (Zak Santiago) vows to quit hitting the bong when his roommate finds a new best friend in Wayne Ross (Peter Deluise); Bobby Briggs (Tobias Mehler) plays an infidelity tit-for-tat on his unsuspecting and pregnant wife Bobbi (Gabrielle Miller); new tenant Carol Goldstein (Linda Kash) acts like 45 going on 25; and blissful newlyweds Andrew (Gabriel Hogan) and Chris Colton (Laura Bertram) have their own challenges as Andrew discovers his new closet just isn’t big enough.

Taking up short-term leases this season are a bevy of guest stars that include musician Jann Arden as an angry woman posing as a passionate new-ager; Joe Flaherty as Hal’s skeptical father; former NDP MP Svend Robinson as a perceptive moderator of a Liars Anonymous group; Juno Award winner Colin James as a mediocre musician cashing in on his remarkable resemblance to singer Colin James; Chris William Martin (Tom Stone) as the verbally venomous Perry Sound; Patrick McKenna (The Red Green Show) as anxiety provoking HR guru Jason; and Nancy Robertson (Corner Gas) as Cindy, Sault’s overly enthusiastic but sympathetic boss.


The tenants of Robson Arms are real people with dirty laundry, juicy secrets, flaws, aspirations and crazy dreams.  Taking you behind a different apartment door each week, Robson Arms maintains the unique blend of humour and poignancy that made the first season such a hit. 


You will never see your neighbours in the same way again!

The creative team of Susin Nielsen (Co-creator/ Executive Producer) and Gary Harvey (Co-Creator/ Executive Producer) work again with Producer, Brian Hamilton to bring you the new season.