15 thoughts on “In the news: Home Heist”

  1. OH MY GOD I love that pair. saw them at the home show and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. heard that their TV builder has already left in shock. Looks like the Scots have been up to their old tricks again. Bring it on dudes. Canada luve u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Man! This is a wicked show! The dudes are kickin’ some serious Canadian ass! Love their humour and their designs rule. xxooxxoo

  4. I love John and Colin! There decorating taste are exacting what I need, how do I get them to come to my house?

  5. It might be entertaining TV, but I wouldn’t let these two near my house. Way too trendy! The decor will look as dated and tired as what they are “fixing” in short order. YUCK. I see Brit taste in wallpaper is still stuck on Coronation Street.

  6. I fricking love Collin and Justin. They are actiualy considered saints in my condo! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  7. Love these guys and there talent.

    I live in Brisbane Australia and would love them and their team to pay us a visit and make my home over. Does anybody know how to contact them?

    ***Collin and Justin, come and save my house***

  8. Help

    I watch your show all the time and love your ideas, however my house is very dated and needs big time help. My husband is going on a business trip for three days in a few weeks and it would be awesome if the boys could come in a make over our home while he is away. He works really hard and this would be a great gift for him

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!!! My house needs you!!!!

  9. Good evening to all the readers on here. I really just wanted to say that I love these guys more than any other designers on the TV. Candice Olsen is a close second but these guys ar emy total favourites and what they are doing for this country is outstanding. They shoudl get the medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anyone got any idea where I can get my hands on an advance copy of their Home Heist book? Any advice would be great as I want it as a surprise for my wife…. xxx

  11. th e I just got a copy, its ECXSELLENT!books out now as far as I know, its in Chapters and in Costco

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