Bathroom Divas season finale

The season finale of Bathroom Divas airs March 17 at 9pm ET
(Encore presentation – March 20 at 8pm ET)

After a cross-country search for the next opera star, the ultimate “Bathroom Diva” will be revealed in the season finale of Bathroom Divas: So You Want To Be An Opera Star?, an exciting six-part, one-hour documentary series produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment for Bravo!. The season finale airs Saturday, March 17 at 9pm ET on Bravo!, with an encore presentation Tuesday, March 20 at 8pm ET.

From auditions in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax, six finalists were hand-picked to participate in an intensive opera boot camp in Toronto. In the final episode three opera hopefuls remain: Paul Abelha, a construction worker from Hamilton, Ontario; Elaine Jean Brown, a part-time model/administrative assistant from Calgary, Alberta; and Phillip Holmes, a student from Norway Bay, Quebec. After weeks of training with Mary Lou Fallis (soprano professor/comedienne), Tom Diamond (opera director/drama coach), Daniel Lichti (bass-baritone/professor) and Liz Upchurch (pianist/vocal coach), only one of the protégés will ultimately win the top prize – a debut performance at the Orpheum Theatre with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra led by esteemed conductor Bramwell Tovey in front of an audience of thousands.

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8 thoughts on “Bathroom Divas season finale”

  1. Alas, alas, we will be out of the country March 14-28, and will miss the fianl episode. Will you be rerunning it again in April? It has been a magnificent series – and all 3 finalists deserve their moment of glory. Many thanks for having provided such wonderful tv viewing.

  2. This has been a wonderful show to watch. I did not catch season 1 last year but I sincerely hope there will be a season 3. I do find it a bit strange that the judges have chosen Elaine as one of the final three. She seems to me to be a loud singer but that is all.
    I will be cheering for Phil as it looks as though he has made a real transformation. ONce again, it is great to have such a wonderful Canadian show.

  3. I have managed to catch a couple of the recent episodes of Bathroom Diva, including this past Saturday. How I wish I had been aware of the series earlier! As a voice teacher, myself, I have found these programs extremely interesting, and wish the season were not coming to a close. I do hope that another season will start up soon!

  4. I am a child who simply loves opera, and i enjoyed watching the season finale tonight. I thought Elaine Brown had preformed marvelously and hope she will have a future career in opera.

    P.S I hope i didn’t ruin the ending for anyone, i’m sorry if I did :'(.

  5. It has been a real experience to watch this show and see the transformation of the final four at Boot Camp. The amount of dedication that these performers exhibited, is a testament not only to their desire, but also the wise choices the judges made in selecting them as finalists in this competition.
    I congratulate you for making this all happen by providing the coaching and training necessary to allow people from everyday walks of life to participate at such a professional level.
    Elaine’s final performance certainly confirms that the judges made the correct selection in picking the winner!

  6. can you please advise how i can get access to the recently accounced paul abhela cd

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