Global Currents returns March 10

From Global:

Global Television, along with Global National’s Kevin Newman, are pleased to present another season of the critically acclaimed “Global Currents” documentary series.

Launching March 10 th at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global Television, each weekly, one-hour, independently-produced documentary showcases the talents of Canada’s best socio-political, environmental, humanist and scientific documentary filmmakers.

“Global Currents” reflects a new journalism: character-driven stories about socially relevant issues important to all Canadians. Documentaries in this strand were selected for their original content and unique context while providing a distinctly Canadian point of view.

“Global Currents” Season Two Premieres and Encore Presentation Schedule:

  • March 10 – Homefront
  • March 17 – Thin Ice
  • March 24 – Polygamy’s Lost Boys (encore)
  • March 31 – Shattered Dreams
  • April 7 – Corporations in the Classroom
  • April 21 – Homefront (encore)
  • April 28 – Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey (encore)
  • May 5 – Big Business, Big Union, Small Town

*Broadcast schedules are subject to change.

Season Two Documentaries:
Homefront is a documentary about the behind-the-scenes stories of families who are left behind while our Canadian military are engaged in a dangerous mission in Afghanistan. Produced and directed by Edmonton filmmaker Ava Karvonen, the documentary tracks the emotional journey of five families and chronicles the challenges of their beloved soldiers caught in the war against terror in Afghanistan.

Thin Ice documents the political battle between Canada and Denmark on sovereignty claims over a cold and desolate northern Artic island known as Hans Island. The Arctic ice is melting and nations are rushing to stake their claim on the world’s “final frontier,” which is rich in oil and gas, minerals and fish stocks. Directed and produced by George Browne, the documentary also explores the science behind the melt and offers new insight to the global warming debate.

Shattered Dreams follows the crusade of Ian Brewster, a black youth worker in Toronto in search of reasons why the city’s black community is on the verge of a crisis involving violence and criminality. Ian works with young offenders in the heart of Toronto’s most dangerous neighbourhoods where violence begets a code of silence and where police officers are seen as the enemy. Produced and directed by Marta Nielsen, this documentary is about Ian’s quest for the dignity, optimism and pride he feels his culture has lost and how the black community can reclaim the dignity that the civil rights movement once gave them.

Corporations in the Classroom examines how a $2 billion marketing industry enables corporations to market directly to school age children with few or no regulations in place to govern these campaigns. Jill Sharpe’s latest documentary reveals that because education funding is falling short, school administrators are struggling to keep the gates closed to corporations offering promotions, sponsorships and even free curriculum. The film also showcases how some schools are fighting back and are succeeding in keeping the classrooms safe from the marketing power of corporations.

Big Business, Big Union, Small Town explores how a small town like Weyburn, Saskatchewan is caught in the middle of a global battle between one of Canada’s largest unions and the world’s largest corporation – Wal-Mart. The small community known as “Opportunity City” fought hard to secure a major retailer like Wal-mart to draw other people from surrounding towns. Now, the town is divided in a union fight that will have major repercussions in organized labour and Wal-Mart stores across Canada and North America.

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