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This week…

Episode 7 “Misery, Inc.” airs Saturday, March 17th at 9pm ET/PT (check local listings).

With no job prospects and Yuri pressuring her for the rent money, Sault takes a temporary position at Strategic Consolidated to make ends meet. The greige wasteland is brightened when Sault meets her match, the verbally venomous Perry Sound. But is this a match made in heaven or hell ?

Episode 5 “Mr. Lonely” airs Satruday, March 17th on The Comedy Network at 8:30pm ET/PT (check local listings).

ONLINE TREATS this week!

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Bloopers from Episode 205 are new this week…click here to watch. Also new are deleted scenes from episode 205…take a look.

A new Troubadours song is online now – “Pavlovian Response” is a musical sneek peek at Episode 7… watch here.

Two Audio-bytes have been released this week. Executive Producer Gary Harvey interviews the director of episode 207 “Misery, Inc.” Matt Sinclair-Foreman and writer Deagan Fryklind about the development of the episode and challenges of taking on a musical number – AND- Executive Producer Brian Hamilton on set to interview James Dunnison – Director of episode 208 “Daughter of Frankenstein” – and writer David Moses… click here to listen.

Hey Neighbour! This week’s web-only episode features advice from Geoff McAlister on making friends in the building… click here to check it out!


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