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This week…

Episode 9 “Wayne’s World” airs Saturday, March 24th on CTV at 9pm ET/PT (check local listings).

When Wayne is served with divorce papers, he makes a last ditch – and morally suspect – attempt to save his long lost marriage. But Wayne’s almost-ex, Dawn, quickly figures out that Wayne’s flair for fiction has degenerated into a pathological problem. Can Wayne stop lying? More importantly, can he allow Dawn to give up a real future to live a lie?

Episode 6 “Pest Control” airs Saturday, March 24th on The Comedy Network at 8:30pm ET/PT (check local listings).

ONLINE TREATS this week!

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Bloopers from Episode 207 and 208 are new this week…click here to watch. Also new are deleted scenes from eipsodes 207 and 208…take a look.

A new Troubadours song is online now – “Munster’s Holiday” is a musical sneek peek at Episode 9… watch here.

This week’s audio-byte is an interview with Peter DeLuise who plays Wayne in Episode 209 “Wayne’s World”. Senior Story Editor Daegan Fryklind pops in on Peter in is trailer to talk about the art of a convincing lie … click here to listen.

Hey Neighbour! Click here to check out all the web-based episodes featuring advice from some of your favourite Robson Arms tenants.


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