In the news: The Tudors

R.M. Vaughan of the Globe and Mail talks to Canadian director Jeremy Podeswa:

  • Dishing on the non-fat Henry VIII
    “I understand that before the gorging-on-drumsticks phase of his life, Henry was a handsome, athletic young prince and king. This show is about the early Henry, before he became the monstrous one we’ve all seen before. The whole approach is to not make Masterpiece Theatre, a stuffy, bound-by-convention history, but to give it a contemporary, sexy feeling – an accessible history lesson with steamy bedroom exploits.”

5 thoughts on “In the news: The Tudors”

  1. So exactly WHEN is the series going to start. i LOVED the shows I saw when I was in the States!!!

  2. Have you seen what they are asking for the DVDs on ebay…like $115 US?????? Its IS that hot tho

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