SPACE launches Missing Link

From a media release:

Searching for Answers in Missing Link, an all-new series on SPACE

Sometimes the world presents us with questions we just cannot find the answers to. Sometimes things just do not fit together. Explore the intriguing, yet unexplained in Missing Link, a brand new series airing Thursdays at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on SPACE, beginning June 28.

The 13-part documentary series delves into a wealth of experiences, research and events related to paranormal phenomena that challenge current scientific beliefs including mythical creatures, divine manifestations, witchcraft, satanism, UFOs and poltergeists. Produced by Planete Bleue Television Inc. from Boucherville, Quebec, in association with SPACE, Missing Link is filmed entirely in Canada and presents selected themes with an interesting Canadian angle.

June 28 – Episode One: Strange Species and Curious Creatures

From the sasquatch to the werewolf, the possibilities of the unknown animal kingdom are endless. Do these strange species and curious creatures really exist?

July 5 – Episode Two: Survival and Reincarnation

Do humans have a soul? While some seek answers in religion, others look for scientific evidence. Does reincarnation exist? Are there other forms of mysterious spiritual communication?

July 12 – Episode Three: Possession

What is evil? Do invisible entities like the Devil and henchmen really exist? Are demonic possessions a sign of evil or misdiagnosed cases of epilepsy? Religion and science come face-to-face to reveal the answers.

July 19 – Episode Four: Near-Death Experiences

More than five percent of the American adult population have had a near-death experience. What do near-death experiences teach us?

July 26 – Episode Five: UFOs

Do visitors from outer space really exist, or are they merely a figment of society’s collective imagination?

August 2 – Episode Six: Premonitions and Psychic Powers

Can humans obtain information using means other than our five senses? Can these abilities be used to solve crimes, spy on others and predict the future?

August 9 – Episode Seven: Ghosts, Haunted Houses and Poltergeists

Many locations in Canada have been the scene of the most extraordinary sights. Are they ghostly apparitions or just some unknown laws of physics?

August 16 – Episode Eight: Supernatural Death

Not just in scary movies or TV shows, a look at some interesting deaths in Canadian history that have a supernatural twist.

August 23 – Episode Nine: Marine Monsters

Witnesses have spotted creatures in Canada’s largest lakes. Could it be that the eye witnesses were mistaken in their description of these creatures, or are they some form of exotic animal not yet known to science?

August 30 – Episode Ten: Magic, Witchcraft and Satanism

Since the Middle Ages, magic and witchcraft have been associated with devil worshipping. Is there cause for alarm as today’s youths become more and more interested in practicing these ancient arts?

September 6 – Episode Eleven: Miracles

Sacred statues that cry, religious icons that ooze blood or oil, incorruptible bodies, miraculous healings and apparitions of the Virgin Mary, but what does the scientific community think of these phenomena cloaked in sacredness?

September 13 – Episode Twelve: Mysterious Disappearances

Each year thousands of objects and people disappear off the face of the Earth. What happened to them? Where did they go? Are there spots on our planet that serve as portals to other dimensions?

September 20 – Episode Thirteen: Stone Mysteries

Archeology establishes history based on ruins, but sometimes things from the past don’t fit into the big picture. Are ancient paintings discovered in Western Canada proof of previous visitors to Earth? Who built the mysterious stone towers found in Nova Scotia?