Fourth contestant eliminated on Canada’s Next Top Model

Gina from Calgary is the Fourth Girl Eliminated From “Canada’s Next Top Model”

  • Episode Five Airs Wednesday, June 27th at 8:00pm on Citytv

Gina, an engineering buyer from Calgary, Alberta became the fourth girl eliminated on “Canada’s Next Top Model”, reducing the pool from seven girls to six.

In Episode Four, the girls get a lesson in interview skills from Judge Jeanne Beker. After a crash course in media training, the models head to the set of “Star! Daily” where Co-Host Dina Pugliese is waiting for them. Their challenge is to interview a well-known celebrity using the tips Jeanne gave them. They are instructed to ask 10 specific questions exactly how they are written. The girls must tackle this challenge with “Degrassi: The Next Generation” star Adamo Ruggerio. Adamo proves to be a difficult interview as each girl struggles with the very personal, difficult questions.

Tara is extremely monotone and mispronounces his name. Rebecca gives it a good shot, but admits she doesn’t know much about the show. Cori is totally star-struck and then totally disappointed because one of her favourite actors is a complete jerk. Sinead plows through the interview and tries to recover awkward moments with grace. Tia fidgets so much it’s distracting, and then blames it on her dyslexia. Mo is determined to win and although she starts off shaky, she finishes well, getting glowing reviews from Dina. Gina tries to put herself on the same level as her subject, which doesn’t go over well. When the girls are brought back to meet with Dina and Adamo, Adamo reveals the interview was a set up to really challenge the girls. Dina announces the winner is Sinead and when they return to the house, Tia and Mo’s jealously is clear.

At the next day’s photo shoot, the girls arrive at Landmark Aviation. They’re met with a bright, shiny helicopter, a 2008 Cadillac, a male model. L.A. Photographer Mike Rosenthal and Creative Director Nolé Marin. The theme – Supermodel Glamour. The pressure is on as Gina steps up to the plate, but she fails to impress Nolé. Mo struts onto the set like she owns it and she doesn’t disappoint. Surprisingly Sinead is unfocused and Nolé is concerned she is sabotaging her shoot to be liked by the other girls. Tia is unfocused and hard to direct. Tara has a hard time projecting a powerful image, but Nolé thinks she managed to get a good shot. Nolé and Mike agree Rebecca needs to relax and not over think her poses. Cori is especially nervous after her disastrous challenge. But even though Mike gives her constructive criticism, she’s just too fragile and hard to direct.

At elimination, the girls arrive to see Dina as the guest judge this week. In the individual evaluations, everyone is impressed with Rebecca’s shot and they think she really worked well with the photographer. Tia’s pose is great, but her face is totally emotionless. Gina’s photo is soft and pretty, but they were really looking for sexy and sophisticated. Mo hit the mark with something confident and sexy. The judges are surprised by Sinead’s bad shot, but she denies she did a poor job on purpose. Tara divides the judges and Cori lacks any confidence whatsoever. In the end, it comes down to Cori and Gina. Ultimately it is Gina’s lack of passion that sends her home.

Next Week … the girls go to ‘extremes’ in their highest flying photo shoot yet!

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Canada’s Next Top Model will walk away with a $100,000 beauty contract from P&G Beauty, a modelling contract with top agency Sutherland Models and an editorial spread in FASHION Magazine.

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