Mo from Toronto is the Fifth Girl Eliminated From “Canada’s Next Top Model”

From Citytv:

  • Episode Six Airs Wednesday, July 4th at 8:00pm on Citytv

Mo, a student from Toronto became the fifth girl eliminated on “Canada’s Next Top Model”, reducing the pool from six girls to five.

In Episode Five, the girls head to the gym for a spinning class with Model Coach Stacey McKenzie. Most of the girls fare well, but Cori ends up “losing her lunch” in the bathroom after the session. Then, they take fitness one step further by heading to a pole-dancing class, where their challenge is to individually perform a routine. If they want to win, they need to project confidence, physicality, sassiness and sexuality. Tia does a good job of remembering the steps and keeping it together. Tara is super sexy, but a little bit too confident. Rebecca needs more practice but did a great job considering the time they had to prepare. Mo starts off well, but when she forgets the moves, she stops. Cori really steps out of her comfort zone and goes for it, impressing Stacey. Sinead also does well, but is a little more reserved. Cori comes out on top, winning extra frames and coaching from Jay at her next photo shoot. She decides to share her prize with Tia, who also receives extra frames. Tara “the dancer” is vocal about her frustration.

The following day at the photo shoot, the girls are sent to a gymnasium with a trampoline. Nolé introduces the girls to Photographer John Van Der Schilden and explains that they’re looking for a high-fashion, editorial shot that is very stark and futuristic. Jay also shows up for moral support and coaching. Rebecca is first and with some direction, does an excellent job. Sinead is excited because she excels in these shoots. Nolé agrees that she has an amazing range of body movements, but needs to work on her variety of facial expressions. Cori does an OK job, but when Jay and Nolé help her look at her photos, she becomes more aware of her body position and knocks it out of the park. Tara’s dance training hinders her, as her movements are more graceful than fierce. Mo’s shots were good, but Nolé doesn’t think there is a lot to choose from. And even with extra frames, everyone agrees Tia’s shoot is horrible. She can’t seem to focus or give John anything to work with.

At elimination, the judges waste no time getting down to business. The panel, along with Guest Judge John Van Der Schilden, call Mo first. Although she’s figured out how to elongate her body and use facial expressions properly, overall there were not enough good frames to choose from. Cori’s confidence is rising and it’s showing in her pictures, the judges love her shot. Rebecca is next and again, the judges are impressed. High-fashion, editorial shoots are perfect for her look, but they ask her to provide a bit more in range of expressions. Tara’s shot is taken over by her dancer ability, but is salvageable. Tia’s photo is very striking, but the major problem is the lack of good shots from her film. As usual, the judges love Sinead’s picture. In the end, Tara and Mo are called before Jay to learn their fate. Even though Mo has the most sass and energy of the group, the judges feel she’s not improving as much as the others and she is sent home.

Next Week … the girls get a surprise visit from a familiar photographer and a bunch of ‘barkers’.

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Canada’s Next Top Model will walk away with a $100,000 beauty contract from P&G Beauty, a modelling contract with top agency Sutherland Models and an editorial spread in FASHION Magazine.

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