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BestYearsThe Best Years
Tuesdays – 10pm ET/PT
July 3: “Shadow of a Doubt” – Samantha’s birthday is ruined by the unexpected return of her Uncle Patrick – a.k.a. the man who abandoned her to the foster system after her parents died. Meanwhile, Dawn prepares for her big opening night of ‘Macbeth’ but Trent is wrapped up with concern for Sam and is painfully oblivious to her need for attention.

July 10: “All that Heaven Allows” – Devon surprises Sam when he reveals his true feeling for her; Sam is blindsided by her visit from Uncle Patrick and his real agenda for reconciliation; Noah turns up the heat with Prof. Grant and can hardly believe his luck; Kathryn is crazed when she hears Beau has misplaced her ‘special tape’.

July 17: “Reality Bites” – Sam is confused about her feelings for Trent and still hasn’t told Devon about their kiss; Uncle Patrick attempts to reconcile with Sam after he discovers her past; Dawn is shocked to find she is cut from the play and is livid with Sam over the kiss; Trent tries to push Sam into admitting her feelings for him.

July 24: “Cruising” – Sam is enraged when Professor Fisher makes a case study out of Crazed College Girls that offers an all-expenses paid trip to Cabo; Kathryn and Shannon are all over the competition – letting loose, leading men on, and dressing sexy; Sam learns the truth about her family history.

July 31: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” – Sam and Trent continue to dance around their relationship status; Trent scores some major points with Sam when he enlists the help of his lawyer father in Sam’s search for information about her family background; Professor Fisher puts two and two together, and realizes the “other man” who has ruined his marriage is his star student, Noah Jensen.