In the news: Interview with Carlo Rota

RM Vaughan of the Globe and Mail interviews Carlo Rota of Little Mosque on the Prairie:

  • RotaThe most handsome man on the CBC
    “Since the early nineties, Rota has starred in every Canadian television show you love, many small Canadian films you would love if you ever saw, plus all those syndicated, B-budget American dramas we make in Toronto to keep our actors fed and watered. From sombre Street Legal to the cheesy delights of Relic Hunter, Rota has proved his versatility – he can do comedy, he can do mystery, he can kill aliens. What a difference a couple of casting calls make. This fall, Rota finds himself in the enviable position of returning to central roles in two zeitgeist-defining shows – 24 and Little Mosque on the Prairie. If only he could forgive himself for Forever Knight.”