In the news: Total Drama Island

Hoor Javed of the Canadian Press interviews the people behind Total Drama Island:

  • New animated reality show
    “Teletoon’s new tween cartoon “Total Drama Island,” set in a northern Ontario summer camp, is being billed as a reality show, even though the characters aren’t exactly real.”

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  1. TOTALLY AWESOME SHOW! I’m just as into it as I am with the hills! It’s on at 10:30 Central time. With new Episodes on Sunday and repeat (if you missed sunday) on Thursday! Watch it! Totally worth the half an hour it runs for!

  2. This show is one of the best i’ve seen in a REALLY long time. Definitly makes my top 5 list. Gotta love the Drama, romance and comedy that comes with it. Thanks a whole bunch to the creaters of 6teen, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis, who created Total Drama Island and the directors Todd Kaufman and Mark Thornton and to everyone else who makes the show so totally awsome.

  3. I love total drama island I would love the producers to put this tv show on dvd because I would buy them as soon as they put them on market

  4. i just love the show. at my place its from 9:30 till 10:00. so far Ezikiel noah justin katie tyler cody beth sadie courtney harold and eva are elimanated. this week they will go on a scavendure hunt. my favourite charectors are Bridgette, Leshawna, Izzy, Geoff, and DJ.

  5. I absoalotly LOVE this show!! My fav character is Bridgette. She and Geoff make such a caute couple!! She is a vegetarion, poet and surfer and he is a quarter-back. Strange but cute couple!!

  6. My favorite character is bridgette to!! Everyone out there, tell me who your fav character is!! Also, do you think Geoff and Bridgette make a good couple?

  7. omg i love this show i can’t not watch it i like heather because she gets wat she want and when ever she wants and she can order lindsey and izzy around how cool?

  8. This is the best show ever i watch Total Drama Island every sunday at 6:30 to 7:00. Today bridgette got voted off but i didn’t want her to get voted off i want heather to get voted off because i hate her so much she causes so much trouble she gets whatever she wants get her voted off please. My favorite characters are some that got voted off and are still on the show they are sadie katie izzy gwen geoff trent duncan bridgette dj courtney beth lindsay cody leshawna justin and the characters i dont like that are voted off and still on are heather owen noah tyler harold eva ezekiel. The next one to get voted off is heather i hope and lindsay is starting to not like heather now im happy cause everyone hates heather

  9. can you tell me if TDI will be out on DVD soon? please tell me soon so I can ask for it for Christmas, I love the show its my fav and I never!!!! miss an episode

  10. The last episode of the series is December 30th 2007. I hope they come out with a second season after this one. Or, they make a new series with the same characters but they’re all living in the same town or city or something. My fave characters are Duncand Courtney and I almost hurled when Courtney was voted off. Duncan was my second fave character so now, I’m rooting for him. Harold is just, low. and Heather is so vile. I hope they bring all the campers back for like some kind of end of the series thing. That would rock!
    Duncan + Courtney for life!

  11. I think it is so cute how Geoff can’t get over Birdgette leaving in the stall! How he is crying and everything. Then, he names his bike Bridgette!

  12. ohmigod I was so so sad when courtney got voted off. Her and duncan were an awesome couple. Please make a new series with the same characters! If you made a another season with different characters it would totally ruin the show for me. By the way, lindsay rox for sticking up to heather!

  13. by the way all you total drama island fans rock! Go gwen! You know what they should do is like to have a “four years later” reunion. Then we could see what they do after total drama island

  14. DJ got voted off. Bummer. But they better bring Courteney back or i’ll go into a raging hysterical fit. Oh yeah, did I mention Gwen rocks?

  15. Lol, I love this show. It’s amusing. =D
    Since Bridgette’s off, I’m rooting for Izzy, Gwen, or Duncan to win. <3
    Yeah, it’s a shame DJ got off…yet I kinda predicted it. D=

  16. I can’t beleive Courtney got voted off! She was like, the only super awesome character. I was actually sick for 2 days after Courtney got voted off. After that my mom said I couldn’t watch it for a week. since I missed a few episodes, I just looked online at wikipedia and saw who got voted off. TDI so rox. BRING COURTNEY BACK! BRING COURTNEY BACK! BRING HER BACK NOW!!!! Boo hoo – she isn’t coming back.

  17. Oh did I mention that yesterday – friday at like 6 to 8 pm there were like back to back episodes of Total Drama Island! It was so good. I really liked the last 1 where there was a masked killer with a chainsaw and a hook, and well it went like this. There are now only 8 contestants and they all watched a scary movie, but then there challenge was to be in 1! Chef pretended to be the masked killer with a chainsaw and hook in a – Real for them – Newspaper. He got every1 accept Gwen and then Duncan took off his mask and defeated Chef. ill tell U the rest in another entry ………………………………………………………….

  18. So then Chef remembered he forgot he was supposed to get Gwen but someone beat him 2 it! You know who? The REAL masked killer with a chainsaw and a hook! Gwen thought it was a joke like, the whole time, so she wasn’t scared until everyone, including Chef came in and yelled, ” Gwen stop! That’s the real masked killer with a chainsaw and a hook!” and Gwen is like, “Ahh!” and then kicks him a few times in the jaw and he go’s away, I think the real killer was gay. Anyway, Gwen was automatically same from illimination and so was Duncan. In the end, DJ left because he was the only 1 who ran and screamed without seeing or hearing the killer so – that was the only bad part but other wise………………….. IT WAS SO AWESOME! But, I still miss Courtney. (-_-) – WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  19. Duncan and Gwen seem pretty close now. Which is pretty scary for me, since I’m a DxC type of person. D=

  20. I hate Eva ezekilel linsay beth and tyler. Owen Duncan Geoff Cody and DJ are the best. TDI is the best show. Me and my friends are having a bet. If Owen gets voted off before geoff and duncan and next geoff is off i have to buy 2 cookies for my friend who voted duncan and 1 cookie for my friend who voted geoff. But Owen is gonna win.

  21. okay duncan and gwen better not be getting close. If I were courtney, and watching these episodes I would be pretty suspicious right now. If gwen and duncan get together, I hope courtney comes back to beat up duncan. He would so deserve it. And doesn’t gwen already have trent? And of course i’m sticking up for courtney. I’m starting to hope gwen gets voted off, and soon. Duncan shape up! grrrrr.

  22. I think theres no one coming back since there are 7 episodes left and 7 contestants left. That’s sad.

  23. On Youtube TammyJ101 has made 16 great vids i love them !!!!! check them out

    ps some mourn the loss of Bridget, Trent, Courtney and Cody

  24. Finally i am pissed off no one loves Owen!!!!!!

    hes asome ive been rooting for him since the 1st episode hes so funny!!

    so cheer for him too!

  25. Finally Keshav25thank Yuo!
    Some exect for me is finnally cheering for owen!

    and Izzy, Geoff and evil heather definatly wont win

  26. or That goth Gwen can kill him personally with a shot gun, chainsaw or mabey evn a knife then i will be rid of that stupid nerdy no life geek for ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Why did Trent get voted off like thats so stupid!
    Gwen and him looked so cute together.
    And she writes about him in her diary how cute!:)

  28. Anybody whos reading my comments Do U like Trent?
    Hes awsome I HATE LASHAWNA in the episode that voted Trent off I literally cried. heather sould have left that night NOT TRENT!!!!!

  29. Can u people Answer this Question a soon as posibal…

    Does Any of u Like Trent Hes was my Fav Caracter but now Gwen is

    Gwen and Trent 4ever

  30. Okay, at least Gwen and Duncan weren’t TOO close in this eppie. Actually, they didn’t speak to eachother at all. =D

    Believe me, if they did, I could always imagine Courtney contacting her lawyers about this.That wouldn’t be pretty. OR she might slap him at the finale? xD

    I dunno, let’s hope it doesn’t get to that. =3

  31. ANother Question…Who do you think will be voted off the next eppisode?

    I think Heather please answer me!

  32. Ok did any1 here know Courtney is a published author. Well she is. She wrote the book, “Teen Troubles for Troubled Teens”. On the last chapter, Chapter 37, she wrote about her time at camp. She’s a caring person and wants the 100 GRAND because it would be a great step in her life. Did you know her family’s names. Her mother is Ingrid and her father Phil. She has 2 sisters and 10 year old named Marisol and a 6 year old named Felicity and she is to get a baby sister in 1 month due DECEMBER 30 ( The day the last episode of Total Drama Island airs, and then the season is over) named Rose. Rock on Courtney Fans! *+!+*Courtney+Duncan4Life*+!+* Go COURTNEY!

  33. Maybe it isnt Duncans fault Maddie and Trish. Maybe gwen is the 1 behind the getti’n all close. Everytime i see that I get all uncomfortable. Gwen and Duncan better back off from eachother. If not they better watch thier butt before i kick it into the lake!

  34. This is for Courtney……….
    C is for being CARING and kind every minute of life
    O is for OAK as the camp tree she touched and kicked
    U is for UNDERSTANDING how other people feel and helping them
    R is for RESTING beside Duncan some nights at camp.their so in love!
    T is for her published book “TEEN TROUBLES FOR TROUBLED TEENS.”
    N is for never NOT RECIEVING a marshmallow until that 1 week. WAAA!
    E is for and EXCITING EXPERIENCE every day, hour, and minute
    Y is for YOU always praising that Courtney comes back. Thank You

  35. Thank you Courtneys #1 fan.
    I’m full of Questions here another one does anyone likwe trent Please answer me!!

  36. This is for trent…

    T is for TAKING TIME to just talk to gwen,
    R is for Remembering that gwens feelings aere golden,
    E is for ENTERTAINING me and maybe other people,
    N is for Not being mean to any of the other campers,
    T is for Totally being awsome to whatch

    I MISS YOU TRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Courtneys #1 fan if you are reading this I dont agree with Duncan and gwen they already have different people.

  37. Courtneys #1 fan Ur so cool and thanks for answering my Questions.

    Another Question who do any of you think was the cutest cople?


  38. Oh hey. I had to go to a concert but im back now. Oh cutest couple. Well, Trent and Gwen were a pretty cute couple until Trent left. Dat was swad. (^n^) But Duncan and Courtney were pretty cute. Until Courtney left. That was SAD! but they were both ADORABLE * And i mean adorable couples.

  39. (( Lol, I’m Trish. Just using another name from now on. >w< ))

    Yep. But now the HeatherxDuncan alliance is what’s driving me insane. Doesn’t Duncan know that Courtney’s watching his every move? On TV? xD

  40. I’m totally in love with all couples. Well, most. <3

    Yet, I’m upset that Geoff and Bridgette didn’t get to kiss before Bridgette got voted off. ]:

  41. Yah Summer(trish) I kind of am the questions person so I kinda do think Lashawnas gonna go but I also want Heather to go.

    QUESTION: Who do you think will win the game?

    I think that gwen or duncan can win.
    PLEASE anwer me thank you. Question girl out.

  42. I know. We both just have a feeling. ]:

    Yeah, same here. It’s pretty obvious. <3

    Elimination will probably go lyke dis:

    -Lewshana (next week)
    -either Duncan or Gwen. I dunno. :/

  43. I agree Summer heather 3rd last cause it would be so funny to see her spaz out.

    QUESTION: My favorite Character was Trent but now its Gwen but whats your favorite character?

    P.S. I Know Courtneys #1 fans fav character ;)

  44. But Leshawna is so nice R U guys posiotive because if I watch on Sunday and she’s not off, ill find you!

  45. No! It should be Duncan and courtney sees him on TV and it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Romantic!

  46. Not really me! Hey Noelle go on youtube and search Duncan and Courtney clip. It shows the most romantic episodes in like, all episodes!

  47. @Noelle: I know. I was LAUGHING at teh last eppie, because she FINALLY got what she truly deserved! <3
    -My fave character was Bridgette, but then she got voted off. ]:
    –I don’t want Gwen to leave, she makes things interesting. xD

    @Courtney’s#1Fan: LOL, isn’t that Duncan said to teh confession cam last episode? xD
    -COOL! I’ll check that out. <3

  48. um “noelle” how can duncan and gwen make a great couple!?!?!? Um hello??? courteney and trent???? Sorry this took so long

  49. Teen Troubles For Troubled Teens entry 1 – If the world were all up to me, the poor would have riches and the blind would see. Children would have parents, dogs and cats would have owners. People would be kind to one another under any circomstances. But the great thing is, we would all be different. The door to peace would open if we found the key. That would only happen if all up to me

  50. since courteney is a psycologist wouldn’t it be funny if “phil” her dad was dr.phil? such is the things that go on in my mind since ito watch total drama island

  51. Soroy dudes not MY fault.

    I’m just Trents #1 fan.
    Just like you 2 are courtneys #1 fan.

    By the wasy Courtneys #1 fan were do U find all that information on Courtney?

  52. @ Courtneys #1 fan : I saw that Duncan and Courtney clip was it the one were they kiss cause that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy! THEY DO LOOK CUTE TOGETHER so I do NOT agree with Gwen and Duncan together if they kiss I’m gonna get so mad!

  53. OMG!!!!!!!

    I so hate Harold for messing with Duncan and Courtneys love life I saw the one were Courtney is voted off.

    *&@# U Harold I regret missing him in my blog for #53 UHGGGGG!

  54. Teen Troubles for Troubled Teens entry 2 – Sometimes, when i reach for your hand, I remember it isn’t there. Then Memeories start to flash in my head. It hurts me, in every way you could be hurt. my emotions are kept to myself until you keep it a secret so long you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t even remember your own name. That is why we all need family, friends, and comfort, from my heart to yours. Next time I reach out for their hand, could you replace it? But that is a question kept to myself then on, until death in the harmony.

  55. Teen troubles for Troubled Teens entry 3 – I lay in the orchard. I daydreamed of your face. I daydreamed of you, and me, living happily. Smiling at eachother when we wake. We stay beside eachother when our lives starts to break. we play the same game, we dream the same dream, But look different in everyway. That is Unique about our love. It is passed on through our hearts, not our image. As we escape from heaven through the melody, we figure out life just starts again, over and over………………….. again.

  56. Page 1 – A World Changed
    Page 2/3 – How we live, through the eyes of ourselves
    Page 4/5 – Unique Orchard dreaming

  57. And so this is something about Courtney?

    Any way were do you find all this stuff about her could U let me know

    good story by the way really deitailed and Romantic.

  58. Weel on they used to have this thing where you would click on the characters and tell so many facts on them but sadly it isn’t there anymore

  59. Oh i made up the poems but probebly something like that is in her book but it is called Teen Troubles for Troubled Teens

  60. Hey. I want to give most t’ y’all who like Courtney and dislike Harold a shoutout. U all Great!

  61. I love Courtney and I HATE harold. How dare he interfear with Duncan and Courtneys love 4 each other.
    Justlike when Heather got invincibility and TRent was voted off that episode SUCKED! @#$&^ You lashawana and Heather 4 Voting off TRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Well that just suxs about the thing I would read about Trent and Gwen and Bridgette and courtney and Duncan and all the characters that I like.


  63. If you could answer me well he left like in the 3rd episode and I just hated him “did you get my memo about my life thretining allergies” It was so funny to watch him be so snoby NO that dosent mean I liked him he was so wierd. I still miss Trent he was the Best he was so nice to Gwen and he made so many new friends and it was hard 4 him to vvote off someone not knowing that HE was the person to get voted off. I MISS YOU TRENT!!!!

  64. Woah. Missed LOTS. D:
    So anyways, can any of you guys tell me what happened when Duncan/Courtney kissed on the eppie she got voted off? Thanks, I missed it. TT-TT

  65. Well Summer its hard to say but just go to Youtube and type in Duncan and Courtney clip and the first box its soooo awsome and I Know you will now hate harold after you see it trust me.

    And yah I do miss trent Alot! :(

  66. Easier explination :

    -go to Youtube
    -Type in Duncan and Courtney clip
    -in tha first box you will see the 2 of them near a fridge holding hands

    -go to Youtube
    -Type in duncan and courtney clip
    -in the fith Box down you will see Courtney looking at chef


  67. oh my god noelle yes!!! you have been sucked into fandom!! episode tonight!!! did i mention total drama island is my life!?!?!?

  68. you know whats the scariest? all my friends watch it and out of each 30 of them they all think courteney is a totally stuck-up snob which is not fair because she owns everyone…grrr….

  69. Courtney is kinda a snob but 4 some reason I like her.

    The 4 people i like are Trent Duncan Gwen and Courtney.

    And don’t worry maddie I have suger attacks like that2 ;)

  70. oaky the football game is on thats why none of you are talking

    Is any of you watching the football game? Toronto against Winnipeg?

  71. well summer It goes like this ….
    Duncan:So the princess has a dark side
    courtney; O MY GOD that was so gross * she just threw up
    Courtney: But it felt like, once i do something bad it felt so good i wanted MORE!
    Duncan: Well you could always give me that kiss, that’d be pretty bad
    Courtney: Your still not my type
    Duncan: Fine, enjoy a peanut – butter less life
    Courtney: Thanks. Enjoy prison
    Duncan: I Will
    Courtney: ( Puts hands on Duncan’s cheeks and kisses him )
    Duncan: ( Closes eyes slowly and kisses back and enjoys )
    Both: ( Look at eachother lovey – dovey )
    Couirtney ( Walks away looking like that “bye hunni!” thing

  72. That Part is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot!

    And Courtneysd #1 fan sorroy about the football game thing I’m watching that right now

  73. Thanks. I saw it, it was pretty awesome. xD

    I’m not watching teh football game-watching basketball. <3

  74. I’ve gotta show my friend she needs to see how romantic
    OMG i can’t get over it i’m soooooooooooooooo obsessed

  75. Um exusz me!
    Courtney Dosn’t suck!
    Courtneys #1 fan made me start to like her!
    Do you have a problem with her or somthing?


  76. I never thought people would get to flaming the characters.
    It’s pretty stupid actually, since 1) Courtney doesn’t suck (she can be rude, but she’s awesome on a whole) and 2) Cody’s cool. x3

  77. Huh? well ya she so, uh no. You don’t get it. Leshawna can be rude. Sorry I guess you thought i meant Courtney oh no. Soz Summer (Trish)

  78. at least leshawna can control herself and admits things and leshawna is going to kick the other peoples a**

  79. Guys did U see the episode it was so good Geoff got voted off. Guess wat. Duncan still has real feelings for Courtney. Oh oooh. I knew it. Their lovebirds to be

  80. I can tell you how courtney got voted off she only got one vote say webkinz if you want to know how she got voted off 2 webkinz and all tell you

  81. Guys did U see the episode it was so stupid Geoff got voted off. Guess wat. geoff is way better then courtney

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