Blood Ties review

Jennifer Smith from Runesmith’s Canadian Content writes about the Canadian premiere of Blood Ties at Polaris:

  • Gettin’ My Geek On
    “‘Blood Ties’ is fantastic. Comparisons can and have been made to other shows, but the characters are so strong and complex and the writing so sharp that the show stands firmly on it’s own as a unique take on the vampire genre. Vicki Nelson, the kick-ass cop-turned-private investigator (Christina Cox) is perfectly cast – beautiful without being overly ‘pretty’, mature, tough, flawed and funny.”

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  1. Have already seen the first 11 epis on itunes/Lifetime and am completely in LOVE with this show!! Can’t wait for the second half. Worth checking out for anyone looking for great combination of genres with great acting, writing and varied storylines. A MUST see for vampire fans.

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