Canada’s Next Top Model elimination

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Cori from Val Caron, ON is the Sixth Girl Eliminated From “Canada’s Next Top Model”

  • Season Finale Airs Wednesday, July 18th at 8:00pm on Citytv

Cori, a student from Val Caron, Ontario, became the sixth girl eliminated on “Canada’s Next Top Model”, reducing the pool from five girls to four.

In Episode Six, the girls meet Yanka, one of Canada’s first Supermodels. She teaches them visual techniques to portray confidence using their face.

This proves useful in the challenge which has the girls acting as live mannequins in the window of FCUK! Nolé and Guest Judge, Model Coach Stacey McKenzie watch from across the street. They are most impressed with Rebecca and Sinead, who both look like they’re posing for Italian Vogue or Prada. Tia has a weak start, but then serves pose after pose of high-fashion style. Tara proves, once again, she does not know how to use her long, lean body to her advantage. Cori is too safe with her poses and both Nolé and Stacey think she needs to push herself more. Ultimately Rebecca is crowned the challenge winner.

At the cover try for FASHION Magazine, Judge Yasmin Warsame helps the girls practice posing in some difficult outfits. Sinead takes an amazing shot, but Nolé thinks her look is beginning to become too conventional. Rebecca has the most difficult dress but impresses Nolé and Yasmin with her understanding and love of fashion. Even though Cori is improving, her photo shoot is lacking. She hasn’t proved she has mastered being in front of the camera yet.

Tia shocks everyone by giving them an amazing range of shots and getting the photo within the first 24 frames. Tara does her best, but she’s obviously very nervous and still choppy in her transition from movement to movement.

At elimination, Jay says he is very proud of how far the girls have come, but someone still has to go home. Even though it’s somewhat simple, the judges love Sinead’s shot. It is warm, inviting and perfect for the client. Rebecca’s shot is very high-fashion and looks like a beautiful painting, but loses points because it doesn’t really work for the client. Cori’s photo isn’t the strongest, but the judges can see she’s more confident and taking criticism constructively. Tia’s shot is different from the others, very retro cool, and they think it’s very fresh. Tara’s shot is OK, but her film overall wasn’t very impressive. In the end, the judges narrow the girls down to Cori and Tara. Cori is sent home because although she’s come a long way, the judges feel she is still not as far along as the other girls.

Next Week … in the exciting season finale, a Cover Girl photo shoot and a “Final Runway” sends three girls home and crowns one Canada’s Next Top Model!

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Canada’s Next Top Model will walk away with a $100,000 beauty contract from P&G Beauty, a modelling contract with top agency Sutherland Models and an editorial spread in FASHION Magazine.

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