TV, Eh? podcast 07/07: Reality TV, Our Hero, Jackson Davies of The Beachcombers, and more

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Welcome to the first TV, Eh? podcast. It’s packed at 40 minutes with interviews, DVD reviews, and chatter about Canadian shows on right now. Segment start times are approximate:

  1. I chat with TV fan and industry insider Caroline from A Place Called Say It, Say It, Say It about reality television – first up, Superstar Chef Challenge and The Scoop
  2. (Start time: 5:55) Writer Denis McGrath from Dead Things on Sticks gives us a DVD review of Our Hero
  3. (Start time: 12:00) Caroline talks about From the Ground Up
  4. (Start time: 15:15) Webmaster Patrick Allec from TV Archive interviews Jackson Davies of The Beachcombers, and gives us the scoop on the 35th anniversary celebrations (check out Friends of the Beachcombers on Facebook)
  5. (Start time: 24:06) Caroline and I mock Canadian Idol and its executive producer John Brunton a little
  6. (Start time: 27:32) Writer Alex Epstein from Complications Ensue presents a lovely justification for supporting Canadian content
  7. (Start time: 34:00) Jennifer Smith from Runesmith’s Canadian Content talks about why she values Canadian content as an audience member and taxpayer
  8. (Start time: 38:15) Caroline narrowly avoids mocking me about my current obsession with Canada’s Next Top Model – we’re picking Rebecca to win

The theme music is from “Quarter to Eight,” a podcast safe track by Sweet Japonic.

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