In the news: Adam Beach of Moose TV

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • Role model and proud of it
    “Are there any similarities between the Law & Order: SVU set and the Moose TV set? ‘Oh, man,’ Beach said with a laugh. ‘Moose TV is very independent, low budget. Law & Order: SVU is like a big massive movie production. One’s a comedy, one’s a drama, but what I like about both of them is that they’re shattering the image of Hollywood Indians.'”

One thought on “In the news: Adam Beach of Moose TV”

  1. Shattering the image of the Hollywood Indian? And replacing it with what? Images of foolish, grinning, loud, mugging Moose TV Indians? Being accomplices in our own debasement? Creating new stereotypes also written by non-Natives and gleefully portrayed by a group of overacting Native performers? Let’s collectively shudder at the thought of what the new SVU character Chester Lake is going to do if this is what passes for “shattering the image of Hollywood Indians.” C’mon Adam. It’s a low brow, low budget made in Canada comedy series that isn’t particularly funny – don’t make it out to be some sort of political statement. There are many of us who are trying to dispell stereotypes and replace them with honest portrayals of who we are. Moose TV is not one of them.

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