In the news: Christina Cox of Blood Ties

From Sun Media:

  • Cox takes on the vampires
    blood-ties“I was not a fan of vampire mythology. I don’t have all the Anne Rice books. I actually liked the series she did on witches more, because they were a little more grounded, as grounded as you can be when you‚re practising paganism or wicka.” Be that as it may, Cox is at the heart of the matter in the dark and sexy new Canadian TV series Blood Ties, which makes its home-country debut this week on City-TV stations (check local listings).” Read more.

6 thoughts on “In the news: Christina Cox of Blood Ties”

  1. One of the many reasons I love Blood Ties is Cristina Cox and her portrayal of an strong willed, independent, woman. She’s leading the action, not following it. For a change the men are following her lead and it doesn’t hurt that both of them don’t look all that bad. Between Mike Celluci being over protective of Vicki and Henry accepting her as she is, it makes for a nice triangle.

    For those of us in the states, we love the show and are dying to see more episodes. It has been extremely frustrating waiting for Lifetime to make a decision on something that should have been decided long ago.

  2. Hey anyone reading this. It is great watching a show with a strong female lead like Christina Cox as Vicki Nelson. It is refreshing to see something like this on Lifetime. Henry and Mike are great eye candy to. Check it out.

    As M.D. said us U.S. fans have been anxiously waiting news on future seasons.

  3. Wow! our very own ass-kickin’ thirtysomething Canadian action star and another CC to love along with CC Babcock.
    If they make a movie of “Heavenly Sword” CC is perfect for the part.
    Never mind that set of lips attached to a skeleton (Angelina) or Milla with that snarl and manly haircut. CC could kick both their arses.
    Never mind, that myself, and thousands of other men, already want Sword to bear our children CC would look great with a ponytail and sharp weaponry!!.
    About the show, CC is great as always even though they tried to put a guy in it that is prettier than her (they failed). The effects are okay, but I find the writing a bit dodgy and she needs to lose the spectacles!.
    I hope the show is a success for her because she deserves it.

  4. I’m from the States and also enjoy the show. Hey Christina, I like your new ‘do!

    The writing is a bit dodgy and cheesy at times. As for her glasses, she wears them for a purpose. Vicki is actually going blind, which is why she’s no longer a cop. This is explained more thoroughly in the Blood Books, written by Tanya Huff, from which the TV series is based upon.

  5. Christina is just gorgeous — what a beautiful woman! That’s all I have to say. ;-)

  6. Now that Blood Ties is no longer with us, we’ll have to wait a few more months while Christina is filming the 13-part new series ‘Defying Gravity’. Want to know what that’s about? Take a peek at the Discovery Channel’s ‘Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets’ to see the inspiration for this very international co-production which starts filming in Vancouver on January 19.

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