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From the Toronto Star:

  • TV’s Blood Ties short on brains
    bloodties“Lesson Nos. 4, 5. and 6: Some vampires can’t be repelled with garlic or a silver cross. Photogenic vampires can see their reflection in a mirror, especially when working on TV shows with limited budgets for special effects. And even a seductive vampire with mind-control abilities is no match for an obstinate mortal woman.” Read more.

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  1. I find it amusing that critics can dish it but can’t take it. Obviously this gentleman didn’t pay that much attention to the finer points of the show and was extremely nit-picky on the rest of them.

    I can speak for a multitude of my friends, when I say we all love Blood Ties and can’t wait for it to come back on. It has been extremely frustrating waiting for a decision on renewal from Lifetime.

    I did thank the critic though as a bad review is better than no review and will cause people to go watch and they will discover that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s a great show, well written, well acted, camp, funny, and deserves to be renewed.

  2. I agree with all M.D. said. Listen to what the critics say definitely but don’t let them make the choice for you. Watch it and see for yourself. Many of us in the U.S. have started a cult following and gained many wonderful friends in the process. The show is wonderful and does not deserve to fall into T.V obscurity.

  3. Some of this critic’s problems with the show are silly. Has no one heard of “willing suspension of disbelief?”

    As for Toronto being “alive with the undead,” that’s a surprisingly common theme in the romantic supernatural genre of fiction. (Yes, that’s a real genre; just check your local mega-bookstore.) So many of them are located in Toronto that I had to ask a former resident (she prefers “denizen”) of that city for an explanation. She says Toronto lends itself to such stories. Even if that personal opinion isn’t shared by all viewers, the Toronto in the program does lend itself to such stories. Fiction, remember…

    I could spend the day poking at the holes in the review but I’m not going to. Each person has his or her own opinion and I don’t share the reviewer’s opinion.

    I’m in the US. I really love this show. I can’t wait for Canadians to discover their own home-grown jewel and join us in insane (the good kind of insane) fandom. I’ve long contended that TV in other countries frequently puts US programming to shame and “Blood Ties” is such a sterling example of this belief.

  4. Lesson #1…Don’t listen to critics! They evidentally have closed minds going in. First off it’s Fantasy, not real life and we’re all submerged in reality everyday that it’s a great escape. Peter Mohan’s done a fabulous job in re-creating Tanya’s words, and well she’s an awesome story teller. Christina Cox, wow what can you say she’s funny, smart, strong, wield’s a sword very well also……She is Vicki! Same for Kyle and Dylan, these three actors mesh so well together that it’s a little bit of magic on screen. We down here in the States unfortunately have to wait till October to get the rest of season 1 but….**Blood Ties** is soooooo worth the wait. One of the best shows I’ve seen in years and am very confident that it’ll be around for many more to come. Thanks Tanya, Peter, Christina, Kyle, Dylan, and Gina for bringing us such an exciting , fun and exhilirating story. I love this show and will watch it for as long as ya’ll are willing to bring it to us.

    Thanx, Happy Fan from New Orleans !!!

  5. What’s there to say?
    BLOOD TIES ROCKS and CRITICS usually write a CROCK….
    Anyone who can so quickly pan something so refreshingingly interesting that contains REAL acting, hilarious scripts (that is, if you take the time and make the effort to listen!!!!) a good story to solve with each episode, romance flying in all directions (personally, I WISH Kyle would float some romance over my way, but not to get off topic!!!) and all the best aspects of ‘the darker side’ without making it too ‘way out there….
    Watch it and see for yourself…I’m sure you’ll come away from it with a positive outlook and if you don’t…well, your opinion but also your loss.

  6. Back again…
    See? I’m SOOOOOOO passionate about Blood Ties that I can’t even spell a simple word like “Refreshingly”……………I was busy with one eye on my framed picture of Kyle I have on the wall next to my computer while typing….little things like that can do a lot to scramble a person’s brain!!!!!
    Seriously, though, I wanted to add that as much attention as I/we tend to place on how gorgeous Kyle is, it’s really his ability to ACT that is the most important thing of all. I really believe he has a long way up the ladder to go and like most all his other fans, I intend to be there, watching it happen…after all, he’s a ‘fellow’ Canadian born (MANY Moons before myself, unfortunately for me!) in Mississauga, about 2 hours from where I grew up and for that alone I’m VERY proud of him!!!!
    GO KYLE!!!….keep making Canada proud, no matter where you are or what roles you choose to do…we luv ya!!!!

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