In the news: Kyle Schmid of Blood Ties

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  • Schmid thirsty to make his mark
    KyleSchmidt“I pulled from my grandfather a little bit, because he’s kind of a James Bond-ish, suave gentleman who brings to mind the 1960s and 1970s, mysterious, very smooth and very controlled,” Schmid said. “That’s my mom’s dad. He’s a cool cat. But he’s not a vampire.” Read more.

11 thoughts on “In the news: Kyle Schmid of Blood Ties”

  1. We, in the States, have been blessed with watching Kyle Schmid make Henry Fitzroy his own when the show was on. It is currently on hiatus. I don’t think they could have picked anyone in the world better to play Henry as his portrayal is dead on. We would also like to thank his grandfather for whatever contributions he made to the character as Kyle carries Henry off with very little effort.

    Kyle talks about Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire but comparing his work in Episode 8, I think he has surpassed what Brad did in Interview. He shows vunerablity at times during the show that makes your heart ache.

    Whether Lifetime renews Blood Ties or not, this is not the last that you will see of Kyle Schmid. This is only the beginning for this young actor, he’s going to have a long career ahead of him and we will enjoy watching every minute of it.

  2. Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy rocks. He is sensual, intellectual, strong, humorous, etc etc etc. He is an amazingly versatile actor. One of the best to come along in a long time. For how young he is he does a wonderful job amongst the veteran actors.

    Whether or not Blood Ties gets renewed in the States Kyle is on my list of the one to watch.

    Did I mention he is supremely HOT HOT HOT? Oh yeah!

  3. From the first time you see him on screen you will be hooked! Since the premier of *Blood Ties* in March of this year, I have rented or bought everything Kyle has appeared in. He is that good! He will have a long and prosperous career, his talent is amazing for someone at this age. He embraces the roles he takes and most definitely makes the character his. Very believeable, and as M.D. states *Heart of Ice*/*Heart of Fire* is some of the BEST acting by anyone. Kyle is Henry Fitzroy in so many ways I can see no one else portraying him. I am so very confident that this series will have many more years and I cannot wait to see the rest of this season in October. KYLE YOU ROCK DUDE , we love you down here in New Orleans, La. and we know Vampires ;) Keep up the great work and look forward to next Year !!! :-)

  4. What can I say about Kyle? Well for one he is perfect for the role of Henry Fitroy – he’s young and beautiful but brings an air of “history and age” with him. He is a fantastic actor – one minute you see him as a young impulsive quirky young man, and the next he is All Prince of Darkness…The show is fantastic – the actors make their relationships believable. There is just the right amount of suspense, humor, sensuality, and mystery to make you beg for more! Whether or not Blood Ties gets renewed in the States Kyle is on my list of the one to watch.

  5. I always find it fascinating how various actors and actresses draw upon some experience in their life and make their roles unique.
    Kyle Schmid has brought culture and flair to his role as Henry, with hints of an aged persona having great wisdom, and remain so appealing for almost any time era.

    Kyle is truly gifted in his work as an actor. It’s also his talent of adding nuances (things that most people might overlook as significant details) that really make his work worth watching over and over.

    Being an adorable and charming *heart-throb* helps super enhance his portrayal of Henry’s character into a more *likable* vampire, but there’s plenty more.. I’ve only seen up to episode 12 on BLOOD TIES; and am so totally awed by how Kyle, himself, PASSIONATELY throws his entire heart and soul into many of his scenes — which is especially noticed the most — during ep.#8
    (or officially ep # 1×08, which also goes with ep # 7, “HEART OF ICE”) — and for those who haven’t seen that story yet, oh, you’re in for a *genuine* treat!

    I truly commend my fellow BT viewers for keeping their words zipped (self-imposed gag order from spoiling the rest of us CRAVING to find out what happens) for not revealing THAT whole story. OMG!! to the extreme! But seeing all of the episodes as an entire unit, also helps the mystique of it all…

    Kyle’s “definitive Henry” as Tanya Huff noted it, was a totally *awesome* and POWERFUL performance during HEART OF FIRE, ep.# 8).. so it can’t be helped, but — to gush over his attributes! I’ve read where some new viewers thought the episode “BLOOD PRICE” rocked …they *ain’t* seen nothin’ yet!! The BEST is YET to come..! Absolutely stunning performance! Kyle’s HEART OF FIRE role is definitely a HOT one, and very *INSPIRING*…! In fact, that entire ep.# 8 was rock solid all the way around.

    Unfortunately, for those who don’t know about ep.#8, I can’t even reveal the behind-the-scenes truths about how that story was actually put together. Everything about it, including a few behind-the-scenes secrets, was an “OMG!!” That’s how viewers who watched HEART OF FIRE *knew* beyond the shadow of any doubt that Kyle poured his entire heart, soul, and *essence* into Henry’s situation.
    (*gasp!!* …LOL!)

    And Kyle’s best scenes don’t stop there, but keep on going. As wonderful as his most traumatic moments are, his humorous moments are also an enjoyable treat to watch.. and of course, then there’s those *other* OMG!! moments that many of us (now) addicted into the series, quite *thoroughly* enjoy.

    Should Kyle Schmid ever expand his career into directing and producing, if I were into acting or know anyone else who might be, he’d be the one I’d most want to be working with or recommend in the field.

  6. Love the show. Frankly I am fascinated with the whole series, and the characters and (listen to me gush). I have seen many of the things that Kyle has been in without realizing it, as I am the most oblivious person I know to what goes on around me. What I want to know is…how does he play a 450something year old vampire so well when he is so young….but does not look it.

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  9. Que puedo decirles para mi no pudieron elejir al mejor el chico es very very sexy con una sonrisa mata es un exelente vampiro espero que la serie siga por que esta buenisima y con el no se diga la serie es buena pero el hecho de que el este ahi es muy importante, con solo ver la serie una vez basta y quedas enganchado cuando ves la sonrisa y los ojos de este hombre. Felicidades Cariño se siempre el mejor Ok.

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