In the news: Canadian Idol final three

From Sun Media:

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From the National Post:

  • Canadian Idol recap: Top 4 results
    “Cute opening combo of Puppy Love and Diana with the boys — Jaydee Bixby, Brian Melo, the soon-to-be-eliminated Dwight d’Eon — fighting for the affections of Carly Rae Jepsen. And then Paul Anka came on stage to croon Put Your Head on My Shoulder, making a Vegas-style bid for audience interaction, and the moment was lost.” Read more.

From andPOP:

  • Canadian Idol: Good Night, Dwight
    “The top four contenders for the infamous title of “Canadian Idol” opened this week’s results show with a medley of standards classics before being joined on stage by Paul Anka.” Read more.

From the Vancouver Sun:

From Reality TV Calendar:

  • Canadian Idol: Forgettable, That’s What You Are
    “The Idols open the show performing a few Paul Anka hits. They begin with “Puppy Love” and Carly Rae and Jaydee act cute as usual and Dwight and Brian steal Carly Rae away and compete for her. Ha! The Idols finish with “Diana.”” Read more.