In the news: CBC’s Heartland puts Alberta onscreen

From Sun Media:

  • CBC show rides into Heartland
    “Life in small town, southern Alberta is about to become prime-time Canadian television. Heartland, CBC’s new TV show (set to hit airwaves mid-October) is currently shooting on location in Calgary, Millarville and High River — it’s the story of a family who live on a horse ranch in the fictional town of Hudson, Alberta.” Read more.

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  1. What a great show! It is an enertaining show with humor, a story and
    it is decent, no sex, violence and swearing. I am waiting for the next 14 episodes. I love it! A great family enertainment show as, my husband and I never miss an episode. I ask all my friends and family if they watch this show and I tell them to tune in. Congratulations!

    1. i love this show so much i want to go stay there for awhile .it’s so soothing ,and yet i laugh my face off with jack and the things he does
      best show ever your right fanally i get away from violence and swearing ,for an hour

      1. You are the stupid one. He was asking where it is and not what it is. Heartland is filmed in four different locations primarily, not counting some locations for a particular episode. The ranch is located near Millarville,which is southwest of Calgary. The town of High River south of Calgary, is the location of the fictitious town of Hudson and Maggies. The house and barn interiors are in a studio in Calgary and I have no idea where the dude ranch is filmed at. The cast certainly gets around.

  2. omg i LOVE this show, every episode me and my friends watch it then i call my friend and we talk for hours about it:P

  3. I LOVE this show soooo much i watch it with one of my friends every sunday Graham Wardle is ssooooooo HOT and thats an understatement!

  4. Awesome show! I wish there were more like it out there. What stunning scenery, great storyline and all around good entertainment that reaches out to all age groups. Keep the shows coming!!!! Thanks so much.

  5. this is my favorite show and it is helping me to train my horse so that she can bbe great on trails and shows. she was a rescued horse from the track and now she is learning to trust again this stuff works great with horses but that would be why it is on tv. love heartland never miss a episode. the mountains are just like back home. keep making more. hope ty comes out of the plain crash ok.

    1. You can ask any local in millarville ab and they will tell you

      Go west of millarville until 288 street turn left.
      Ranch is the very south end of 288. There is a sharp turn to keep on 288 or will be on 322.

      Stunning view of ranch on beautiful day. Worth the drive.

    2. Is jacks last name “Ass” by chance?

      I have to thank tv-eh, I’m in the states, had never heard of the show, I love it – thanks a million eh!

  6. Heartland is by far one of the best shows on Television. No Sex, voilence, foul language. I can really relate to this show. My husband and I are glued to the television every Sunday night. Every character and actor is phenominal. Please do not ever stop making this show it is just the Best! It makes me want to move to Alberta and live that life there. I just love how the horses are treated and cared for. Love you all.

    1. Directions to Ranch.

      West of millarville ab. Turn left (south) at 288 street.
      Ranch is very end of 288. One sharp turn on 288 to keep on 288.

      Stunning views.

  7. Re: the set locations, I read this in “West” magazine:

    Alberta communities have backed the show, with Heartland film crews often calling “Action” at the Millarville Race Track southwest of Calgary, on a ranch set west of Millarville, and in High River which serves as the fictional town of Hudson. Scenes also have been shot on private ranches, in the historic log Millarville Christ Church, along the banks of the Bow River at the Saskatoon Farm, east of Okotoks, and at the Cochrane Agricultural Society riding arena.

  8. Thanks Stephen!!! I’ve been trying to find out too lol … would be nice to see the areas and “set” …. When I was living in SK I drove out to Rouleau, SK to see the set for Corner Gas lol it’s just nice to see it and be able to say “cool, I’ve been there”

  9. my wife and I, are waiting to see the show every sunday, on CBC, what a nice show, please keep making these movies, there is none like it, no shooting,etc.keep up the good work. love the cast members.

  10. My fiance and I love this show too! We watch it on Netflex and we are able to watch one show after another for hours on end. I just love the ranch and thought it would be neat to get married there. I love grandpa.. he’s so funny yet serious… hahah

  11. OKAY the first mess. I left was about season 3 and wanting it with SDH subtitles but I also wamt you too know I woun’t miss it and if Im away I would record it but now that I have the DVD;s its better warching them(with the SDH subtitles ) thatis, I just watch them over & over and can’t wait for season 5 and I hope another (like season 6 )Its just amazing how HOOKED I’ve gotten I tell everone I know about it – the only one I can’t stand is ( Chase Powers ) I didn’t like GUYS that thought they were GODS GIFT TO WOMEN when I was in High School , in the Air Force or sence I got out an don’t think I ever will but I love the rest of the cast .

  12. Hey, could someone please tell me if you can find the turning into the set on google maps and what to type in to find it. Thanks!

  13. How to get to heartland where the movie was filmed?? I would love to stay at the cabins for couple days. If anyone knows can you plesse comment , it would make my dream come ture (: thank you.

  14. i found the ranch on using google earth you have to zoom in for the pictures to show up and the poster posted them in the correct location to wear the heartland ranch is actually set

  15. I find myself watching Heartland every single day, and sometimes the same show twice. I can’t believe I used to ignore it. I agree with most of you that it’s the best show on TV, besides Doc Martin.

  16. Great show. My granddaughter told me about it. Now I record every show, sometimes twice. Love it!!!

  17. Laughed to know there are other Heartland addicts out there just like me.It gives you the feel good factor. As well as everything else others have commented on-scenery,cast,storyline,clean family entertainment.
    My latest interest is the knitwear and clothing worn by the cast!!Just love it all

  18. Ooh I love this show. I watch on Netflix and have been known to sit up until 4 am because I can’t stop watching lol
    BTW- Jack, learn to spell and calm down

  19. HOWDY EVERYONE……My wife and I watch this show daily..Never miss it.
    Ive had a few horses that gave us trouble. By watching Heartland I used there way of training and it worked. My Mother in law lives in High River and we saw them filming last summer when we were on holidays .We are from MANITOBA..Planning to go to High RIVER this summer. Hope to find
    the ranch……Ron and Anna

  20. This show makes me so proud of Alberta and Canada. I love my Mountains,this show is the best show on tv now, I love all the cast. Jack is an amazing actor…..they all all. I can’t believe how talented Amber Marshall is, her gift with horses ……

  21. Sandra – April 14, 2013
    Hello to all Heartland fans…….Wonderful show. Watch it three times a day and that is not enough. When you get away from the TV you feel real good.
    Keep making more shows, we need this kind of TV……….

  22. Love this show… all the characters are developed so well… and acted superbly.
    The scenery is great. The story lines are believable.
    Watch it every time it’s on… sometimes twice a day… CBC and AMI
    It’s not too difficult for me as I’m 63 and self-employed.
    Hope they do more new episodes this year… 2013

  23. For those of you looking on google, or any other maps, I could not find a 288 street or ave, but I followed the Threepoint creek west of 22, and found the ranch at the end of range road 40. From Millarville, west on Alberta 549, until range road 40, then south to the end. Entrance is to the west, then the drive windes around to the property. Confirmed through available pics on the web, compairing to the layout in the satellite picture.

  24. we love and watch that great moral show and it’s realistic situations and humor . we get 2 programs daily and have watched them at least 3 times each. looking for MORE of them

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