In the news: Tudors sanitized for CBC

Jim Bawden of the Toronto Star reports on the changes to the Canadian airing of The Tudors:

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2 thoughts on “In the news: Tudors sanitized for CBC”

  1. People wonder why kids now days are so violet. Maybe it is because they are allowed to watch people getting their heads chopped off on TV everyday but showing people making love is definately not allowed. We should really get our priorities straight. And the fact that they used the excuse of attracting a broader audience is laughable. Oh yes, sex doesn’t sell. You don’t think more guys would watch the show if you showed more tits?

    I am a bookkeeper, not a porn star; and I wish people where out having more sex instead of going out and looking for trouble.

    Take care
    Tara Fleming

  2. It’s really too bad. I will wait and rent the dvds. I like to watch something the way it was intended to be seen. I was so looking forward to watching the series on cbc. too bad.
    I’m one of the viewers who will not be watching.

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