Admin note: Keep track of your favourite shows with RSS feeds by category

With the arrival of the fall season and so many shows to keep track of, you can already subscribe to the TV, Eh? RSS feed to get all new posts delivered to you in your favourite newsreader. Or you can subscribe by e-mail to get them delivered to your e-mail address in a once-a-day digest (see the submission form in the left sidebar, under Subscribe).

But here’s an option if you only want to track the news for a single show (or two or three):

  1. Check the Category lists on the right sidebar
  2. Click on the name of the show you want to track – for example, Intelligence
  3. Copy and paste the URL in the address bar and add “feed” to the end: for example,
  4. Use that address to subscribe to this feed in the RSS reader of your choice (such as Google Reader, My Yahoo, etc.
  5. Add as many as you like in order to keep tabs on only your favourite shows in a more manageable format.
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Diane Wild

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