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  1. I watched “Da Kink in My Hair” on Sunday @ 7:30pm..I loved it !! The acting is amazing, the setting is perfect !! Ngozi, the actress that plays the main character is excellent! She also wears some of my jewellery designs throughout the episodes :-) I will continue to watch… :-)


  2. this show is stupid thing I have seen in a long time, not funny it’s terrible wast of the half hour time slot every week …. it should be canceled A.S.A.P

  3. This show is brutal, it will be cancelled shortly. I really don’t understand what demographic they are playing too? I can barely understand one fuckin’ word their saying. Garbage. Not funny. A slap in the face of viewers.

  4. Dude your racist this show is freaken awsome just because you cant understand some of there english dosent mean its garbage.

  5. Actually, have you really watched the show? What about the upcoming episode where they are basically bashing white people?

    And WE’RE the racists? Open your eyes people. This show is a disgrace, it is reinforcing stereotypes to an extreme.

    Go ahead and call me a racist, because that is the only response people can seem to dish out, but I have plenty of friends from all ethnicities….how can we back a show that does the exact thing that people have been trying to stop for decades? “Dude”, open YOUR eyes.

  6. Hey, so what if they “bash” white people, they have that right. They are a small minority in a prodominantly white country, so obviously they have less impact so why not “bash” the people who they think treat them unfairly or talk about the things that white people do that disgust them. I sure when you sit there watching this show bitching about how bad it is, the whole time your hating on Jamaican people.

    As for that person who can’t understand what there saying. Whats your problem? If you can’t understand a simple Jamacian accent then obviously you do not get out enough, go on enough vacations, or know anyone but white people.

    I think the show is great, its original, somewhat commical, and it has great cultural diversity, and the music is good.

  7. Listen Kids,

    Fact is, it is only a matter of time before this awful show is cancelled. They simply don’t have enough of an audience.

    Seniors = NO
    Children = NO
    Teenagers = NO
    20-40 = NO

    Because this is such a “minority” based show, as you all have pointed out, they hava “minority” of interest.

    Whoever’s idea it was to have a show that bashes caucasians, in CANADA, its clearly an bigoted idiot, and will probably never work in Television again, at least in this country.

    As for you Griffin, if you think that anyone has a “right” to bash other cultures, you are dead wrong my friend, and you are clearly just as racist as the others

  8. “Hey, so what if they “bash” white people, they have that right. They are a small minority in a prodominantly white country, so obviously they have less impact so why not “bash” the people who they think treat them unfairly or talk about the things that white people do that disgust them. I sure when you sit there watching this show bitching about how bad it is, the whole time your hating on Jamaican people.”

    This is exactly what is wrong with racism today. NO RACISM IS ACCEPTABLE! Saying that minorities are ‘allowed’ to be racist is absurd and is what is forwarding all racism. Everyone has the ‘right’ to be racist, not just minorities, that doesn’t make it right. And also, assuming someone can’t have an objective opinion, because the subject is a different race, is not only closed minded, but just bad argument.

  9. Finally a show that represents, different aspects of Black Canadians. The majority of Canadian shows only portrays one group, it’s so hard to find programming that you can relate to culturally. For those who don’t understand the patois dialect, like Andrew and Rusty Shackel, it just goes to show your ignorance. Would you be more impressed with the show if the main characters were white, and the one token “black” person? This is not indicative of the society we live in today, but who would guess this by the sitcoms viewed on television. It’s time to step out of your “idiot” boxes and realize that diversity exists.

    Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and surprisingly, not everyone talks with the slang “eh”. But hey Andrew and Rusty, maybe you would be happier only viewing programming, where the cast consists of “Beverly Hills 90210”.

  10. Actually Trini, [edited – no personal attacks guys or I’m closing this thread down]

    My problem was not that it was multi cultural, its that its a SHITTY SHOW!

    Little Mosque on the Prairie = Multicultural and Funny
    Da Kink in My Hair = Multicultural and Terribly Un-Funny

    I work in the Television Industry and let me tell you that nothing will sink a show faster than bad writing. This show has it in spades. If you are trying to be a Comedy, which it is, and the fact it got a favorable timeslot, then YES it should be funny.

    Perhaps they should change it to a multicultural show on an afternoon timeslot, which doesn’t try to be a comedy and won’t damage the Network’s reputation.


  11. Well Andrew, “Shitty Show”, “Damaging to the Networks Reputation”? Aren’t we the drastic one! Global should be commended for not following the status quo, and showing a different side of Canada.

    How familiar are you with West Indian culture? Finally a Canadian show that represents the “West-Indian Canadian experience”. Time and time again I am bombarded with images that do not represent my culture.
    The issues that are dealt with on the show, can translate over to many individuals. Unfortunately, if you are looking with a biased eye, then you will only scratch the “surface”.

    You work in television? Its a pity for the individuals, that have to work with such a “small minded” individual.

    Cheers to You!

  12. I’m nigerian, and i watch the show. I think its great. I mean, you really don’t have to be west indian to get the core concepts and values of the show. I think that if they didn’t touch on such significant issues that face the african canadian community, then yeah they would HAVE to be funny to draw an audience. The writing’s not terrible. It’s actually pretty good. The plot’s growing in complexity and the characters are developing. Watching one episode is not enough to use to pass judgement. You have to see a couple of them to realize the genius in a show that not only targets the african/caribbean communities, but appeals to other demographics as well.
    Btw, there was no “white” bashing in any episode. All it was was the women taking issue with one of the characters dating a white girl. It was handled very well actually, and reflected what attitudes towards interracial dating should be, but sadly isn’t. But Leslie would know that if he/she had actually watched the show!

  13. You guys are so funny – we have to use a website to throw racial slurs back and forth -come on my people -this is suppose to be fun – of course I would like to see other ethnic people on the show – East Indians, Chinese etc — or are they not considered people of color —

  14. okay so I said my piece –the show lacks humor and too many commerical breaks — the writers need to be more creative –NO MORE TALK OF BLACK and WHITE – we are all god’s children — white, black, brown, yellow – I pity the man who sees color first –peace and one love

  15. I agree with sunshine
    this blog shows exactly whats wrong with our world and why racism persists.
    a show that strays from the so called “norm” (white middle class suburban family) is broadcasted and we are all aggressively attacking the content of the show or furiously defending it. Just sit back, relax. If you like the show’s value watch it, if you don’t like it change the flippin channel and shut up. If the show sucks it will go off air and then there will be more space for another dumb ass canadian show.

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