4 thoughts on “In the news: Comedy Awards announced”

  1. Of course CBC is going to highlight that CBC won awards. At least they covered it. I saw nothing about it in the Globe and Mail or National Post or Toronto Star. Today’s Entertainment coverage on CTV.ca has the usual suspects….Paris Hilton, O.J. Simpson and stories about Jimmy Kimmel and Eric Clapton. No mention of the Canadian Comedy Awards, which the same company sponsors through The Comedy Network.

  2. And of course it’s my duty to point out that there were other TV award winners, given the headline and blurb. No need to be snide.

  3. Who’s snide? Hooray for all the winners and the nominees. I want to see it get publicity and I’m glad CBC at least reported it. I’m just suggesting we not nitpick on the way CBC covered something that nobody else in the country bothered to cover at all. The most fair headline I suppose would have been ‘Bon Cop Bad Cop wins 3 comedy awards’ since it appears to have been the biggest winner. Does anyone else think it’s kind of pathetic that CBC.ca is the only news organization in the whole country that appears to have covered the event? I’m not a research expert but Google News is only showing the article from CBC.ca.

  4. Truthfully, while I am very happy for the well-deserved winners, I think it’s slightly more pathetic that we have, what, 5 nights of Canadian TV awards in the space of 2 weeks, given the Geminis start this week too? Bad timing. Even the Emmys don’t think people are THAT interested in awards.

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