In the news: CBC’s sluggish ratings

Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter:

  • CBC plagued by sluggish ratings
    “Sluggish ratings continue to dog Canada’s public broadcaster as it walks a fine line between popularizing its program lineup without abandoning its mandate as a pubcaster.” Read more.

6 thoughts on “In the news: CBC’s sluggish ratings”

  1. Cbc’s major problem is it’s lack of publicity for really good Canadian Drama. They are just too cheap and too Toronto minded to really push hard for shows that amount to something. Instead they offer pablum comedy.
    There is not a crime series coming out of the states that can hold a candle to the gritty home grown series from Vancouver. Americans are flocking to waych Intelligence as a rest from their cookie cutter series which basically run on the same format.

    CBC is burying Intelligence. They should know by now that you have to hit the general public over the head with heavy duty publicity. They’ll never learn

  2. Excuse me, Ms. Bruce, but just what does your stereotyping rant about men have to do with either the show Intelligence or CBC’s ratings? Let’s keep it on topic, please.

    I agree with Bob that CBC is trying to bury Intelligence, trying very hard. It’s given the show basically no publicity whatsoever. Even people who wanted to watch it couldn’t find it at the beginning of the year. Then, of course after crying promotional poormouth, CBC will use the show’s low ratings as an excuse not to renew it next year. One wonders why they even bothered to renew it for a second season (not that I’m complaining about getting a new season, mind) if they hated it that much. But that’s CBC for you–overpromote to death its comedies and bodiceripping imports, but neglect its homegrown drama and then blame its own inadequacies on everyone else.

  3. I agree with Paula and Bob. The CBC is trying to bury ‘Intelligence’ which is a pity since it clearly holds its own with the very best international drama. I think it’s probably because the show was approved by the previous CBC regime and is deemed expendable by the current overlords. Of course, this is not unexpected when your head of programming formerly oversaw shows for such great dramatic broadcasters as ‘The Food Network’ and ‘HGTV.’The CBC will not improve until they hire talented, CREATIVE people to run the network. Until then, we’re stuck with NOW and ‘Mosque.’ At least we have Chris Haddock’s gem for this year. Sincerely, Bill.

  4. I have to agree with you guys too. It’s like “This is Wonderland” all over again. I am really shocked at how the CBC is treating Intelligence, which has to be one of the best shows they have. This is the type of show that the CBC is here for.

  5. I am a tv nut and watch everything. Intelligence is one of the best even more entertaining than the Sopranos. It would be a shame if cbc dropped it. Word of mouth will build a viewing audience for this show.

  6. Quite frankly there is so much damned noise on TV these days that we are getting a bit sick of it, especially during the News and Business Report.
    WHY is it necessary to have a background of Tap Dancing even during interviews. How are we supposed to concentrate on what is being said when there is so much damned noise in the background. It is distracting and rather juvenile. The News is NOT intended to be entertainment so why give it what you probably call “music”? It isn’t! Why do you call the News a show?

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