In the news: Rent-a-Goalie returns

Jim Bawden of the Toronto Star talks to Christopher Bolton, star and creator of Rent-a-Goalie:

  • They make Sundays hockey nights
    “Bolton says he had been thinking about a comedy series about hockey for a long time. But the few scripted sports series did not exactly fare well – let’s see, there was baseball (Ball Four), hockey (Power Play) and what else?” Read more.
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One thought on “In the news: Rent-a-Goalie returns”

  1. Once again, I tuned in, trying to like ‘Rent A Goalie.’ And once again I found it unfunny and incomprehensible. It seems more like a poorly crafted student film than an actual television show. This thing should be a career-ender for all involved. Showcase, please do not renew this piece of junk.

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