5 thoughts on “In the news: Canada succeeding at sitcoms”

  1. Oh, please. Let’s not encourage these people. ‘Mosque,’ ‘Rent-A-Goalie’ ‘Da Kink’ and their ilk are simply unfunny.

    Also, Ms. Boyce should be ashamed of herself for taking credit for the Comedy Network’s impact on home grown comedy production. Other than airing ‘The Simpsons,’ it does nothing of value. Kenny v Spenny is unbelievably awful; Comedy Inc. is embarrassingly bad; VIP is not worthy of mention. They might as well shelve their development people and put the money into reruns of ‘F Troop.’ If you want well written, contemporary comedy, look to CBS and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Good characters. Funny scripts. Go figure.

  2. If somebody is interested in auditioning for future sitcoms how does one find out about them so they can go to the audition?

  3. Hi again,

    As per my question in November:

    How does someone find out about auditioning for sitcoms? I could have sent u the wrong e-mail. Sorry!

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