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Jam3Media Delivers the Border Site for CBC – Sets Standard for Immersive Reality Games

Selected from among an elite group of interactive designers, Toronto’s Jam3media is proud to announce the release of their online offering to complement The Border, a new tv crime drama by Canadian broadcaster CBC.

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“The concept was simple, as relayed to us a few months ago by producers White Pine Pictures and Stitch Media,” explains Jam3 co-founder Mark McQuillan. “Pablo and Adrian then came up with all the creative, which my team and me enabled, as we’ve being doing recently for quite a few other demanding brands like EA and ABC. This site, however, will certainly set the standard for immersive reality games and is already beginning to turn heads in Hollywood.”

Co-founded as a collaborative media studio by McQuillan and partners Pablo Vio and Adrian Belina, Jam3 has developed an impressive roster of internationally-known clients, by consistently delivering quality. The award-winning company is a respected leader in Flash production and development, and most recently also completed projects for Teletoon and YTV, and is growing. According to Belina, from the outset, The Border’s executives sought to drive viewers online to the show’s site and cleverly interact with them through a distinctive game, “which is in actuality an extension of the show itself,” he says.

“Once we had completed the first designs,” Belina continues, “we worked each day closely on the game with the development team to ensure it was consistently meeting our own critical requirements, and I’m confident that we’ve exceeded them. Over the years we’ve created and honed our production process, and last month hired another developer to assist us and grow the company. We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries recently regarding immersive reality games, which is a new genre, and believe, therefore, that our product is quite valuable among the spectrum of online gaming.”

Players enter the site and can immediately immerse themselves into the online story, which puts the user into a first person perspective interrogation sequence. The video flow responds to how the user answers the questions. This is only the beginning, from there the user acts out the rest of the online story through a series of unique games, culminating in a climactic ending.

Since its introduction, Flash has become popular for adding animation and interactivity to web pages; several software products, systems, and devices are used to create or display Flash. In this specialized environment, Jam3media creates animation, microsites and various web-page components, which can integrate video into web pages and develop rich Internet applications, such as immersive reality games.


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