The Best Years cancelled

It may not be official word from the network, but because I get asked so much … lead actress Charity Shea says The Best Years are over:

  • Sad to Say It
    “I now have the official word and regret to inform everyone the show WAS picked up for season 2 scheduled to shot in April 2008, but due to the networks new vision they decided our show doesn’t speak to their new demographic. The Best Years season 2 was canceled before it even started, on December 5th 2007.” Read more.

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  1. This show, rhough perhaps not high budget was unbelievably awesome and highly addictive especially with women 8-80 years old! I actually laughed out loud and cried over some of the episodes, which I never do. It has so many obsessive fans, who just waited for the next episode, and was so successful for its spot. Someone has really screwed up on this one, they had no idea of the marketing potential of this show. Who cancels a brand new show that is this successful so fast? Do they have any idea how angry and depressed TBY fans are?? Not to mention one of the best love scenes EVER.

  2. Are you crazy!! why would they cancel such a highly anticipated show?!!?!? that had viewers off the edge of their seats half the time just waiting to see another episode?!?!? I think its ridiculous that they would do such a thing to a show that had alot of people tuned in every friday night. Especially myself. When i 1st saw the previews for the show i was exactly sure how good it was going to be but the more i got into it the more i realize this is a show for me….Its a horrible thing to cancel such a great show…I personally thought it was better than Degrassi half the time. Thats horrible and im so sad to hear it…

  3. Ughhh im so mad they cancelled it!!
    i kind of knew it since I haven’t seen the previews for the new season.
    it was WAY more better then Degrassi because degrassi had the same old story lines and stuff, but im not going to sulk because Family Guy got cancelled and then they brought it back and now its one of the most popular shows out there, hopefully the n rethinks its idea and decides to bering it back.

  4. Someone should petition for the CW or another network to pick up the show… if it isn’t too late to get the cast back. It was awesome! A guilty pleasures show for even the 30 yr old crowd! Thank G-d someone created Gossip Girl or I’d be really sad not to have a guilty pleasure show to watch… but I want TBY back too…..


  6. Oh I am so disappointed that they would cancel this show. Its one of those shows that I couldn’t wait to return. How short sighted of the network not to follow through on its commitment to renew it for season 2. Makes me wonder why I bother to get involved with great shows like this, if they are only going to cancel it. Very disappointed….

  7. you don’t know how much this upsets me! i liked this better than degrassi, because degrassi got pretty dumb the past few years! i think they should reconsider, and do at least one more season, to tell us about trent and sam, i mean they ended it werid, i mean they have to have her come back and see if trent has changed!! i mean seriously..if they knew they weren’t going to do the second season why did they end it like that!
    im very disapointed with The-N

  8. OMG im so mad i loved that show….i was so addicted to it and really looking forward to them bringing it back and now read that they canceled that really sux and they shouldnt of ended it like that if they were gunna cancel it bc i really wanted to see if her n trent were gunna work out n see if he changed im so frican mad wit the-n now bc they canceled it.

  9. No season 2 WTF!!! I never get into teen shows and stuff , I meen I have never followed the stupid OC or 90210 or anything like that tell this show!
    Me and my feince love this show, apperaing right after “house” it was perfect planned our whole nite of entertainment. This show had everything, and it actually hooked ppl with REAL issues and situation that are actually plossable etc unlike most shows… you cant just up and cancell a show b/c you feel like it, this show had GREAT potential your problem was the time slot (if your target was young teens that is) not the show!!!!
    Bring it back!

  10. To be fair, Global in Canada is the network that aired The Best Years after House in a late evening time slot, but it’s The N in the US, which aired it in the early evening, that had the power to cancel the show.

  11. I am soooo mad! I loved that show! I am sorry but Degrassi ( i don’t even know if that is how you spell it) is not that great of a show and About A Girl, yeah right. I really think we need to make a petition to bring it back!

  12. I don’t understand who exactly their new demographic is. I feel like most of the N’s viewers are college aged girls and this show is perfect for that. It really doesn’t come off corny or anything. I can’t believe they would cancel.


    im 23 years old, my boyfriend is 25, and my mother is 47. all three of us LOVED this show, im from the US so we watched it on the n. we built our friday nights around the best years. this show deserved to be picked up for a 2nd season. this show recieved nothing but great reviews and great ratings during it’s stint in america, so i cant seem to wrap my head around the fact that it got cancelled. this show was highly addictive ,and had the potential to become even greater than it already was. whoever cancelled this show really ” sh!t the bed”!

    ps: this show helped save my 5 year relationship with my boyfriend. we spent more time together just because the n gave us a guilty pleasure to share called ‘The Best Years”, and now “whoever” has taken it from us.

  14. Well this blows. i finally got fed up with not hearin anything about this show. and then i finally go and search about it and its cancelled. how is this fair. ps. its not. booo you tv networks.

  15. This really sucks cause it was a really good show
    stupid tv networks that try to ruin the viewers life!

    and to be honest they should cancel Degrasssi…that show its like..ugh idk im really mad

  16. Omg we loved this show we got so depressed when we found out it was cancelled. They should cancell degrassi its starting to be really gay and the guys are ugly, I mean tby guys are so much hotter. I want to see what happened with trent and sam! I love this show more than anything. It made my life so much better. . . . I really want it to come back I’m crying it was thr highlight of my week!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I just found out that it has been canceled, Im crushed. I know many people in their teens and 20’s who watched this show. Its does reach a broader audience than The N thinks! I signed a petition to have it not canceled, I know don’t what good that will do. But I feel better having done it. I loved this show, it rocked!

  18. This show was great, I recently found out that this show is being cancelled. The-N has made a huge mistake and has disappointed a large number of fans, shouldn’t they notice that a lot of people are affected about this. They are showing marathons of Degrassi, no offence but they are being repeated and it is boring. I wil miss TBY…. and I was waiting for the new season to begin… Degrassi is old.. TBY was something new.. they brought back teens into watching’s a shame. The-N can’t be playing around with fans like that

  19. wtf?!?!? why would they cancel this show. trying to reach a new demographic?…who do they want reach ?three year olds? this was the best show on the N next to Degrassi. im so mad! i was waiting for this show to come back. it was so amazing..and the newest thing they had going.

  20. I am a 29 year old Mom of 2 and got addicted to this show! How could they cancel such a great show?! I hope The N goes down the toilet. Its the least they deserve!

  21. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Like everyone else on here, I was really looking forward to the new season!!! After being obsessed with Degrassi for 5 years and watching it go down the drain, it was nice to have a new show to watch every friday night- a new cast with some fresh, new faces, a college setting, different circumstances, all that good stuff. Man, the-N has really turned to crap wtih all of these stupid re-run shows they’re playing now. I miss the old days when there was RFR, the GOOD degrassi, O’Grady, Instant Star, GVB, and all those other fun shows, including The Best Years. Instead of cancelling GOOD shows that people enjoy and putting on crappy ones to replace them, THE-N SHOULD LISTEN TO THEIR AUDIENCE. jerks.

  22. i don’t understand how the demographic is different when it comes to the best years and degrassi. i would say that degrassi talks about a lot more things. recently, darcy getting raped, spinner having cancer, and paige having anxiety attacks to the point where she drops out of school. anyway, i just don’t get the difference. let me do some comparisons. in the beginning of TBY cynthia is about to jump out of her window to commit suicide. so does darcy in the girl’s locker room. trent is found with smoking coke. so is alex and paige in an episode before they graduate and go to college. then there is the sex scene with sam and trent in the co-ed bathroom. well, sex is talked about on degrassi all the time. spinner and paige had it after their breakup, jimmy and ashley talked about their troubles about not being able to, and emma and sean picked up birth control which even later got a pregnancy scare. so can anyone tell me why this great addicting show is going off the air?????

    ♥ madison

  23. i will never ever get over this. i was looking foward to season 2! I wish deep regrets to those who even consider the cancellation of TBY! I loved how this show was very capturing, I am 19 and this show was wayyy perfect for my picky self. If anything “About A Girl” should have gotten cancelled, that show is so stupid. The main character is too old for the role. I’ve tried watching it although none of the episodes are “realistic” for “college”. Nevermind, it should still get cancelled. I don’t understand what the-N is trying to achieve, they play nothing but old re-runs that are played in like five other channels like 24/7. I agree with what was said above; the-N should put their audience into consideration and actually listen to them. Why the fuk do they have Noggin for? I thought this whole change was going to be for the better. If anything considering they still have TBY in the click I truly believed that a new season was coming soon, anxiously i google it for a date perhabs and i get bitch slapped with this bolony! Ugh, i loved this show so much I am actually writing this. I’m not sure if anyone of you watch ABC family show “Beautiful People” that show was amazing as well but it got cancelled too! I never thought id feel that pain again. I’m still not over it. Goshh. My condolences to of you lol:p forrealz though, :'[

  24. OK people….. Because “Charity Shea” says so on “her” myspace… Come on now… people create FAKE myspace accounts under actor/actress names ALL THE TIME! You can’t rely on what you read on myspace… or anything online for that matter. I have not found one single document from either the-n or global TV that says this show has been canceled and I have been looking for DAYS now… people are freaking out b/c there haven’t been any mention of a season 2 just yet, but the season didn’t even start until last summer, therefore won’t be back until this summer at the earliest. Let’s be more critical of what we read from now on and just wait to hear from the networks themselves.

  25. Actually, networks rarely make an official announcement that a show has been cancelled, they just fail to put them on the schedule ever again. You know it’s cancelled when the actors and production people have moved on. That is in fact Chairty Shea’s MySpace page and she is not the only cast member to publicly say it’s cancelled. If you’re waiting for an official announcement, you can expect to wait a very long time.

  26. Actually what that says is that the N is making no announcement that it’s cancelled, which is normal. Fox won’t say that K-Ville is cancelled either, though it’s fired its writers, released its actors from their contracts and dismantled its sets.

  27. I can see the Best Years only being successful during the summer (when nothing else is on). Does anyone even know what type of ratings this show had?

    Personally I love Gossip Girl so much more. The location, music, storylines, and characters are awesome!

  28. Well Personally I Think that you guys should bring that show back. And the reason i say that is because that was really a great show,there would be times that I watched that show and tears came to my eyes and for whoever to cancel it is really an a**hole…But all Im asking is maybe soon could u bring that show back….I actually made a promise to myself that everytime that show came on I would be in front of the T.V watching it….and I was so can you please bring “The Best Years” back to us?? THANK YOU I HOPE MY MESSAGE PERSUADES SOMEONE TO AIR BACK ON T.V!!

  29. How could they do that ?
    That show was the BEST show on The-N; hands down.

    Ahwwww, what a buzzzkill. :(

  30. hi i am from Argentina … i love the show too … i was looking for information and i found this:

    “Global Television Confirms Best Years Season 2

    Global Television is pleased to announce the renewal of three Canadian Original drama series:

    The Guard, ‘da Kink in my Hair The Best Years

    They’re back for a second season. Thanks to our valued Global Television viewers who sent emails in support and encouragement for each of these shows. It is because of your unwavering support, that these shows will be back on Global! Slated for the network’s 2008-09 broadcast schedule, the entertaining, proven performers will be gearing up for production on their respective second seasons in the coming weeks, and based on solid statistics of the first seasons, fans nationwide are ready for more.

    We wanted to let you know your comments were not gone unheard and we really appreciate your feedback! Be sure to tune in and we encourage to check out our official website for more Global Programming updates.


    ~Viewer Contact Global Television & E!

    Fox Business Confirms Best Years Season 2


    Global Television announced today the renewal of three Canadian Original drama series – The Guard, ‘da Kink in my Hair and The Best Years for their sophomore year.

    Slated for the network’s 2008-09 broadcast schedule, the entertaining, proven performers will be gearing up for production on their respective second seasons in the coming weeks, and based on solid statistics of the first seasons, fans nationwide are ready for more.

    “It takes real talent to make great stories into great television, and we have it all here within our amazing writing and production communities,” said Christine Shipton, SVP, Drama and Factual Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “Our commitment to bringing Canadian drama back to Canwest remains firm, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue our support and growth of these drama series.”

    The Best Years, produced by Blueprint Entertainment and shot on location in Toronto, Ontario, was created by Aaron Martin (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and follows six compelling young characters as they encounter “firsts’ at University. The Best Years struck a chord with viewers in the Summer of 2007 with increased viewership from the premiere to finale by 30% for 2+ and by 54% in the key demo Adults 18-49 nationally.”

    i don’t know if it’s true … i hope so.


  32. i mean, the best years has SO MUCH dramma than greys anatomy, or desperate housewives! and if this shows have HUGE succes, and we love the drama they show, why we cant watch “the best years” dramma?! . i just LOVE the best years, i mean i was so into it, and suddenly i cant watchit anymore? whats wrong with you people? WE LOVE THE BEST YEARS, AND I AM NOT GOING TO STOP WITH THIS UNTIL THEY PUT IT BACK.


  33. OMG…I can’t believe that they canceled the Best Years. The end of season one was so great, I could not wait until season 2 started. When I heard that it was canceled I could not believe IT.
    I hope the network will change their mind this show, and that it will be another case of Family Guy!!

    The Best Years Rock

  34. I am soo mad. This show was like the highlight of my week, even when things like got tough, it cleared my head, and it was something to look forward to. Keeping me in suspense, and giving me some thrill or happiness. The season left us hanging.. they cant end it, not knowing what was to happen. If they insisted on ending it, they should have atleast let it continue for a second season, so they could end the show with no loose ends. I remeber my 2 friends and i laid on the bed watching The Best Years, before my one friend moved away. Melissa (my friend moving away) and I alarmed our phones so we would catch the show in time (though i alarmed my phone every week to make sure i got to watch each episode) we were so zoned into it, we were discussing about what we thought Cynthia’s father was doing, and me other friend didnt understand why we loved and were so zoned into the show, but then she to, just fell inlove with it.
    I demand that it is put back on air. give what the fans are craveing. and if you insist it being cut off. atleast air it for a final season to clear everything up, so we all know how it ends, and arent smashing our heads against a wall.

    Please consider.

  35. i dont understand why its cancelled. The-n has shows like it, with the same age group watching. Honestly The Best Years and South of Nowhere both have dedicated fans. Who are trying hard to get it back. I really wannt to see this show go as long as Degrassi did.
    The-N wants viewers right? Then stop taking off good shows. I want to be strong for this show. But i just dont know what else to do. Ive signed so many petitions, and ive tried so hard to wake up 5 in the morning those like, 2 times that it showed. I mean seriously why cant they just show re-runs. We have a lot of fans of this show, im sure the people new to the-n would get as addicted to it as i am.
    Now were all left haning, whats going to happen to the charecters. You know how youre like, “OMG….what happens next week i cant wait anymore”…..well its like that, for ever O.o ughh.
    NOW their showing that 70s show, so the-n cant BS about reaching out to younger viewers, cause thats just a big lie. Im also annoyed with not getting staright answers on the-n message boards.

    TO ALL THE FANS, were not done yet, its not done yet
    we still have a chance.

  36. I can’t believe they would cancel a show a lot of people can and do identify with. I loved the story line and could relate to many of the issues protrayed especially the inter racial relationship. I am deeply saddened that the network feels it does not ”fit”‘ please Network please inform me “what does fit”? I hope the network can see the response from the fans of the show and reconsider and pick it back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I can’t believe they would cancel a show a lot of people can and do identify with. I loved the story line and could relate to many of the issues protrayed especially the inter racial relationship. I am deeply saddened that the network feels it does not ”fit”‘ I hope the network can see the response from the fans of the show and reconsider and pick it back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. omg i cant belive there not making a second season this was one of the best shows ive seen in a long time i think it has stuff that most people can relate to my sister and i after every episode we where already impationt to see the nexted i hope they change there mind cause i dont think i can live on just degrassi

  39. i am really mad cause i want to know what happens with sam and trent and noah and kathreny

  40. i cant believe that they cancalled the besyt years it was my favourite summer show. i wud come home just to see it. all the summer shows usually suck i cant believe they would cancel such a good show. between that and big brother I have nothing else to watch. summer is boring for T.V they need to bring bachk the best years. BEST SUMMER SHOW!! by far there needs to be a renstatement for seanson 2. or another network to pick it up….there would be high ratings…and a great demographic watching it renstate the best years!!

  41. I personally and very upset that it is cancelled. That is stupid. My mom and my sister and I all sat down and watched this show everytime it aired it was so amazing! I always couldnt wait for the next episode! I hope someone reconsiders and brings it back because it was absolutly amazing! Couldnt have asked for something better and as for degrassi that show is horrible. I cant even think about watching it. yuck. The Best Years should defentely come back!

  42. Hey guys , i dont know if I ever missed a epesiode of the best years
    because i watched it all the time , recently i was flicking through the televison and i saw that it was on . Im in Canada – it was on channel 39 ” Showcase ” So Probally thats season two.
    The epesidoe i watch was when samantha turned purple and she almost got kicked out of the school and Dawn trys out for Macbeth etc. Anyone every remember that one|? If so message back .. so that I can be corrected . Thanks.

  43. Not to worry for all the fans out there. The Best Years appears to be back on air and are currently shooting for their second season. How do I know this? Well, the tv ‘campus’ is actually my current schools campus, and they were filming there earlier this week.

  44. Shae, that episode where Sam turns purple was in the first season. I hope the show comes back, it was one of my favorite shows. I am a 32 year old woman who absolutely loved this show, who can we write to get it back on if it’s not to late?? Why would they cancel a show that was so popular and so loved!!!

  45. What! I LOVED this show. Out of all the show’s I watch on ABC, Fox, and the CW, The Best Years beats all of them. Even Gossip Girl! And that’s tuff to say, but the best years is so real and relateable, yet it’s so interesting and entertaining. I really fell in love with Charity Shea’s character. It’s sad that it’s done :(

  46. It’s BACK… guys relax…..they’re filing season 2 — i’ve done background work on it yesterday!

  47. It is back. They’re filming it on my campus at University of Guelph this October. Saw them filming a dream sequence with a bed in the middle of our central campus plaza with people walking all around.

  48. my husband worked on the show and he thinks it will probably air in the spring of ’09. but no word on season 3 yet.

  49. The best years was such a good show I used to rush home from work just to watch it and if I missed it I would watch it online on the N website. If been waiting for it to come back on the N and now that I know it’s really not coming back I’m so pissed :(



  52. Is it possible to make a season 3??? I don’t like that The N became teennick because their shows suxx!! it’s enough they have nick–where kids shows are played–nick jr.–for toddlers–can’t they just leave the best years where it was originally? if they dont want viewers under the age of 14 or 15 show it at 9pm, besides young teens are alrady exposed to the subject of conversation “sex and drugs” there is nothing new about it so they should just renew it all. Unite the whole cast from both seasons and have “the talk” and just work everything out. I know my responses are late but since the end of season 2, the same thing happened. They had us all thrilled and excited and right in the end left us all “high and dry”. If this is the case have the best years run on abc family. Run it along with Secret of Life, and Greek!! Greek is a college drama series and TBY will fit right in!!!!!!!!!! Please you just gotta!!!

  53. I agree they left us hanging in season 2. They can still come back with a big bang. At least finish the final years of college! Have the old cast come back. It will bring back the chemistry the show had in season 1. Someone needs to pick up this show! =x

  54. Yeah its a good show, i wish they continued it :( they should. It was a very good show.

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