In the news: Sophie ‘annoying’

Vinay Menon of the Toronto Star:

  • Sophie grates on my nerves
    “When I wasn’t irritated – or not laughing where I should’ve been – I was mostly bored. Admittedly, this could have something to do with the clichés: the gay best friend, the teary consumption of empty calories, the graveside confessional, the overly affected actress-client with foreign accent.” Read more.

5 thoughts on “In the news: Sophie ‘annoying’”

  1. I thought it was a good canadian show! We need to support our Canadian actors. What do you like watching dam reality TV or cheesey Game shows for dunb ass american’s!!!! Plus the fact that you are a man and this is a chick show! And you totally missed the ending…this has nothing to do with her ex’s actions…think back to the begining of the show! Honestly.

  2. Sophie is, indeed, not the worst show ever. It certainly had weak moments but, overall, it manages to pull together a compelling story. Whether it’s filled with clichés is arguable, at least. What cannot be argued is that it is a turn of a page for CBC. Sophie is, in my opinion, a strong product compared to the certainly overrated debut of The Border… Talking about getting on my nerves…

  3. Worst show I’ve ever seen CBC broadcast. I love the CBC but this show is just plain bad. Idiotic characters, brainless, stupid. I’ve only watched 10 minutes and I’m very disappointed showing such idiotic behaviour, not even funny. The gravesite, the pick axe, what the heck is that about? That Mother, you can’t tell me anyone would believe let alone put up with that behaviour. And the brother, don’t even go there, what is that about? No depth here. Give me a break, your viewers are much more intelligent than that. Who are you trying to reach? CBC can do much much better. Where is the writing coming from?
    From a very concerned CBC viewer.

  4. Sophie. Is this funny? Make fun of homosexuals, child outside of marriage. Infidelity. Destruction of property. Assult with a deadly weapon. Is this what entertainment has come to? Have we sunk this low?

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