In the news: Sophie ‘unfunny’

Joel Rubinoff of the Windsor Record isn’t impressed with CBC’s Sophie:

  • Sophie proves good comedy isn’t easy
    “The funniest scene in Sophie (8:30 p.m. on CBC) — a remarkably unfunny Canadian sitcom that attempts, without success, to emulate the freewheeling irreverence of American counterparts like Will & Grace and Desperate Housewives — happens when the pregnant woman at its centre visits an unhinged psychic for a glimpse into her future.” Read more.

7 thoughts on “In the news: Sophie ‘unfunny’”

  1. The review is bang on when it refers to ‘Sophie’ as a “remarkably unfunny Canadian sitcom.” There was not a single laugh in this show which featured the lead acting with her eyes. And the constant, annoying music should not replace actual funny lines. Another Canadian comedic mess in the tradition of ‘The Jane Show,’ ‘Rent-A-Goalie’ ‘Jeff Inc.’ The list goes on and on.

  2. What a melodramatic, overly-contrived mess. even good actors (not that there were any on last night’s episode) couldn’t salvage such a weak, derivative script. Poor sophie. I predict a cancellation in her future.

  3. You’re so right, Bill! It’s not nearly as funny as INTELLIGENCE.




    -end of line-

  4. Honestly, Sophie wasn’t that bad and it’s certainly far from tragic as some may put it. In terms of my Canadian TV standards, it passed. It was filled with very cliched moments stolen from a wheelbarrow of old TV scripts, but it had its charming moments here and there. Give it a chance, focus on the dialogue and maybe that music won’t seem as irritating.

  5. I am the demographic for the new show, Sophie, ( I am 30, white, single working woman living on my own) and was really looking forward to seeing this, what with all the US tv in reruns and all. I was looking for something different. And all the publicity (in subway and commercials on CBC) made the show look interesting, something I would watch and also might like. Appeals to the “Chick-lit” lover in me.
    But as you others have pointed out, the show was VERY disappointing. I like the actor who plays Sophie, I think she was a good choice for a lead, becuase she can act and she’s nice to watch. But I find her character annoying and down right stupid, someone I cannot identify with, nor certainly want to be. What kind of woman wouldn’t at least plan a LITTLE bit before giving birth? No diapers? No crib? I can see if it was a last-minute thing, but she was pregnant for a full NINE MONTHS (ok, minus 3 weeks)! And nada? I could BE Sophie, and there is no way I would ever be that dumb or unprepared. I understand no one is necessarily cut out to be a mother, but then, what is her motivation in keeping the kid if she’s just going to act all “I have no idea what’s going on here” all the time? And note to the wardrobe person, you do NOT lose all your baby weight straight after giving birth. The characters are not very well developed and the whole thing is pretty lame. All in all, I did not laugh, merely cringed at the thought of watching another episode.
    Come on CBC! Up the ante a little, will you? I am willing to watch, but you have to make it worth my while. Hire writers who can write! Surely even small budgets allow for that.

  6. The first time I viewed Sophie then MVP I felt like running into traffic to end it all. This show is not just bad, it’s painfully bad. Bad acting, terrible direction, that same awful song they play through it, the over acting mother…it just goes on and on! What is the CBC doing? What goes through their heads when they propose a show like this?? Don’t they watch AMC, HBO, or hell, anything that’s good? I’m really tired of taxpayer money and subsidies going into crap like this, enough is enough. The only show that is remotely good is the Border, but that stinks of terrible cop show too. Sorry if I sound jaded, but I just can’t take it anymore! Canadians are better than this. Where’s our Kids in the Hall???! SCTV? Davinci’s Inquest?
    If you honestly think this show is good I really hope your not in production, or the fate of Canadian TV is definitely in the toilet.

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