In the news: CBC’s new shows attractive to advertisers

From Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail:

  • The Border, Sophie and jPod back CBC’s bet on home-grown TV
    “As expected, the flashy law-enforcement drama The Border was the most popular: The show’s debut two Mondays back drew an impressive 710,000 total viewers. The following night, jPod attracted 472,000 total viewers. The numbers went up again that Wednesday when the single-gal sitcom Sophie found its way to 630,000 viewers. Friday yielded the only disappointment – the desperate-hockey-wives comedy-soap MVP, with a first-night audience of only 383,000 total viewers.” Read more.


Feeling confident, Sophie (Natalie Brown) brings her newborn to a restaurant to eat by herself, only to run into the two people she really doesn’t want to see. SOPHIE telecasts on CBC Television, Wednesday, January 22 at 8:30 p.m.

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