In the news: Canadian indie award nominees

From a media release (so please don’t ask me what makes these Canadian TV shows independent):

Association announces CFTPA Indie Awards nominees

The Canadian Film and Television Production Association (CFTPA) is extremely pleased to announce the nominees of the CFTPA Indie Awards.

The awards were created by the CFTPA in order to recognize and honour the outstanding achievements of Canadian independent producers. The Awards will be presented at a special reception and ceremony in Ottawa on February 20th, 2008.

“There is an incredible number of talented independent producers across Canada, and this is a reality that is not celebrated nearly as often as it ought to be,” said Guy Mayson, President and CEO, CFTPA “On behalf of the members of the CFTPA and the Board of Directors, we are proud to showcase such excellence and we congratulate all the nominees.”


  • The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure
    Producer(s): Shari Cohen, Robert Cohen, Robin Neinstein
  • Mystery Hunters
    Producer(s): Jonathan Finkelstein, Jason Levy, Stacey Tenenbaum
  • Generation XXL
    Producer(s): Lesley Ann Patten
  • Life With Derek
    Producer(s): Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Daphne Ballon, Suzanne French
  • Storm Hawks
    Producer(s): Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier, Chuck Johnson


  • Corner Gas
    Producer(s): Virginia Thompson , Brent Butt, David Storey
  • Rent-a-Goalie
    Producer(s): Chris Szarka, Christopher Bolton, Nicholas Gray
  • Little Mosque on the Prairie
    Producer(s): Michael Snook, Susan Flanders-Alexander, Clark Donnelly, Mary Darling, Zarqa Nawaz
  • The Jane Show
    Producer(s): Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Teresa Pavlinek, Ralph Chapman
  • Moose TV
    Producer(s): Catherine Bainbridge, Ernest Webb, Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick


    Producer(s): Marleen Beaulieu, André Provencher, Marie-Elaine Nadeau
  • TotalDrama Island 8 – Totally Interactive
    Producer(s): Keith Clarkson, Jay Bennett, Thomas Wallner, Patrick Crowe
  • Uh Oh! Flamingo
    Producer(s): Kevin Gillis, Ira Levy, Peter Williamson, Michael McGuigan, Dorothy Vreeker
  • Life with Derek
    Producer(s): Shane Kinnear, Suzanne French, Jarrett Sherman
    Producer(s): Adrian Carter, Denny Silverthorne, Jeremy Diamond


  • Jonestown: Paradise Lost
    Producer(s): Greg Lanning, Bernard Vaillot, Katherine Buck, Stephen Hunter, Michel Rager
  • Radiant City
    Producer(s): Shirley Vercruysse, Bonnie Thompson
  • Flight from Darkness
    Producer(s): Don Copeman, Lynne Beck Copeman
  • The Bodybuilder and I
    Producer(s): Julia Rosenberg, Anita Lee, Silva Basmajian, Tyler Levine
  • Saving Luna
    Producer(s): Suzanne Chisholm


  • Eastern Promises
    Producer(s): Robert Lantos
  • The Tracey Fragments
    Producer(s): Sarah Timmins, Paul Barkin, Bruce McDonald
  • Congorama
    Producer(s): Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
  • Continental, Un Film Sans Fusil
    Producer(s): Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
  • Away From Her
    Producer(s): Daniel Iron, Jennifer Weiss, Simone Urdl

Best Lifestyle or Reality Programme or Series

  • Recreating Eden IV
    Producer(s): Merit Jensen Carr
  • Designer Guys
    Producer(s): Clark Donnelly, Theresa Kowall-Shipp, Mary Darling, Susan Flanders-Alexander
  • Chris & John to the Rescue
    Producer(s): John Simpson, Chris Carter
  • Vanity Insanity
    Producer(s): Barry Gray, Kirk Shaw, Wendy McKernan, Laura Amelse Watson
  • Triple Sensation
    Producer(s): Garth Drabinsky, Sandy Pearl, Sandra Cunningham, Sari Friedland


  • “October 1970”
    Producer(s): Laszlo Barna, Wayne Grigsby, David MacLeod
  • Redemption SK
    Producer(s): Sandhya Padmanabh
  • Dragon Boys
    Producer(s): Michael Chechik, Ian Weir, Howard Dancyger
  • St. Urbain’s Horsemen
    Producer(s): Arnie Gelbart, Peter Moss, Michael A. Levine, Ian Whitehead
  • Above and Beyond
    Producer(s): Paul Pope, Scott Garvie


  • Blood Ties
    Producer(s): Paul McConvey, Randy Zalken, Marshall Kesten, Kirk Shaw, Peter Mohan
  • Durham County
    Producer(s): Janis Lundman, Adrienne Mitchel, Michael Prupas
  • Intelligence
    Producer(s): Chris Haddock, Laura Lightbown, Arvi Liimatainen
  • Race To Mars
    Producer(s): Arnie Gelbart, Phyllis Platt, Pia Maria Marquard
  • ReGenesis III
    Producer(s): Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Laura Harbin, Tom Chehak


  • Luna: Spirit of the Whale
    Producer(s): Trish Dolman
  • Abducted
    Producer(s): Jean Bureau, Stephen Greenberg, Josée Mauffette
  • A Life Interrupted
    Producer(s): Jean Bureau, Stephen Greenberg, Josée Mauffette, Serge Denis
  • In God’s Country
    Producer(s): Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Kelly Rowan, Graham Ludlow
  • The Robber Bride
    Producer(s): Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Laurie McLarty, Julie Lacey

The CFTPA is a non-profit trade organization that works on behalf of
almost 400 companies engaged in the production and distribution of
English-language television programs, feature films, and interactive media
products in all regions of Canada.


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  1. Very glad to see that Blood Ties was nominated, but I also see it’s up against another favorite, Regenesis.

  2. I’m so glad Blood Ties has been nominated. About time this show is finally getting recognized! I hope this BT wins, and keeps on going. 2 season is NOT enough. It’s good enough for at LEAST a dozen seasons!

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