In the news: ZOS, The Weight

From Judith Klassen at Movie Entertainment Magazine:

  • Freedom Fee
    “‘I’m sorry — I hear Veronica Mars is great, but I mostly watch pay TV.’
    Toronto-born actor Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me, Veronica Mars) laughs off the comment. ‘That’s because (pay TV is) better. You can say fucking shit is what you can say. That’s why network TV is a greater accomplishment: When it’s good, the feat is all that much more difficult to achieve.'” Read more.
  • The Weight, The Wire, ZOS, 2008
    “A month of stuffing your cake hole and listening to Uncle Rex rant about foreign policy at the holiday table can lead to a seasonal strain of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Instead of hitting the gym or the January blow-out sales, why not turn to the tube for a little comparative therapy? You think your holiday blues are bad? Try playing Halo 3 for real in Iraq…” Read more.