In the news: What Canadian TV gets wrong

From Jim Henshaw at the Legion of Decency:

  • The Winning Skid
    “But for some reason, our Canadian nets have ignored the overwhelming creative drift toward changing the paradigms and trotted out a selection of knock-offs of shows everybody’s seen and done before — in some cases, long before — and like those eager kids who put on a show in somebody’s barn over the summer, they seem quite proud of themselves for doing little more than not forgetting their lines or bumping into the furniture.” Read more.
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Diane Wild

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2 thoughts on “In the news: What Canadian TV gets wrong”

  1. It’s a shame, again, that those interested in Canadian TV have to hear that
    our programming is not up to the ‘standard’ of American programming. Please, please, PLEASE find a new argument! Is it so hard for you to understand that some of us DON’T WATCH American programming??
    You can’t persuade me that we Canadians need a TV show better than “Mad Men” or ‘Dexter” or “Breaking Bad” when I haven’t (and refuse to) even see “Mad Men”, “Dexter” or “Breaking Bad”.

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