Corner Gas episode 3 review

From Randy Harrison at 411mania:

  • Tales From Dog River 02.16.08: Corner Gas – Episode Three
    “Dog River is all abuzz over the new Pilates class, but not everyone is happy about it. Hank and Brent are locked in a bitter dispute over Brent’s “shirt powers” and Oscar finds a way to show off his superior craftsmanship. All of this and more in the latest edition of Tales From Dog River as we look at “Pilates Twist”.” Read more.

One thought on “Corner Gas episode 3 review”

  1. We watch Corner Gas daily and tape them and watch them over and over. Don’t know when a TV Show has been aired like this one. Good humor, cute lines, no smut or off color, just good family entertainment. I taped it and sent it to my son in Maine, my 11 year old grandson thinks they are the best. Wish more were available. Keep up the good work.

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