Robson Arms season 3 sneak peek

From CTV:

  • ‘Robson Arms’ gets sneak peek on CTV
    “Two special episodes of “Robson Arms” will air next Tuesday and Wednesday on CTV. Following two 90-minute episodes of “American Idol,” Canada’s most popular program, “Robson Arms” will air the first two episodes of their upcoming third season. The episodes will air on Tuesday, Feb. 26 and Wednesday, Feb. 27, both at 9:30 p.m. ET.” Read more.

From Robson Arms writer David Moses:

  • Robson Arms “Season Three” Sneak Peek After American Idol
    “What does a “sneak peek” mean? I don’t want to analyze what it REALLY means but the upshot is that CTV will be airing RAIII episodes 1 (“Gila Monster” by Jesse McKeown) and 3 (“Geeks in Love” by yours truly) next week after “American Idol”, Tues. Feb 26 at 9:30 and Wed. Feb 27 at 9:30.” Read more.