Ratings: Feb. 4-19

From BBM Canada:

  • Feb. 4-10 — Corner Gas at #10 (1.4 million), Rick Mercer Report at #27 (970,000)
  • Feb. 11-17 — Corner Gas at #7 (1.476 million)

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Global Shortage — ratings for Little Mosque (900,000), Sophie(538,000)
  • MVP DOA; Viewers Went With Women — ratings for The Border (548,000), The Week The Women Went (929,000), Degrassi (426,000), Corner Gas (1.286 million), MVP (278,000), The Guard (504,000), Rick Mercer Report (856,000), This Hour Has 22 Minutes (748,000), Heartland (509,000)

One thought on “Ratings: Feb. 4-19”

  1. I watched my first episode of the Border tonight primarily because Michael De Carlo directed it and I was also curious.
    At first I thought the whole thing was a weak sister to shows like 24 and MI5. But as the episode progressed I became more and more engaged in the storyline and found it engrossing to a degree. This week was about Afghani terrorists and a potential Anthrax attack on the Toronto Subway system.
    The director did a marvelous job he has a deft hand when it comes to directing.
    But . . .
    I found the lead actor, James MacGowan, plays his character very wooden and he hits one note throughout the whole show. His supporting cast is a little better, but Graham Abbey is superb, he is a Stratford veteran and it shows in his chops.
    The show is filmed in dull colour tones which I presume is to give it that docudrama feel. I don’t think that works. More contrasting colour with lights and darkness affect a viewing experience for me and tend to heighten my sense of suspense.
    The set looks like it is part of an airport as the walls are floor to ceiling glass resulting in scenes lit with sunlight pouring in.
    What I love about MI5 and 24 is the dark tones of the main set contrasted by stark lighting. This adds to the suspense for me.
    So I think the DOP is weak on this show.
    I also did not buy the relationship the female Muslim officer had with her psychiatrist. Not real, sorry.
    I think this week’s story was bigger than one episode. IMO, to build great suspense you need to be taken into the lives of both the villians and the good guys and not have it all wrapped up in a neat little bow. This is not a mystery story which you can do in one episode, this is supposedly a bigger picture show with terrorism as a very large thread.
    I realize 24 is an ongoing story, but they often take 3-6 episodes to build the characters and the story before there is a little mini resolution or another twist. This particular episode of The Border would have worked better for me done over two weeks where we get to know the reasons behind the actions of these people and more about the lives of the terrorists.
    And finally I watch TV to escape, this complaint is subjective of course.
    This show reminded me all the time of what a terrorist plot would do to our subway system. Too real for me, too close to home.
    I wanna be transported somewhere, that is why I love historical drama, it takes me to a land and time and place that is not reality but was once.
    Hey, one man’s opinion. I do think Michael did a great job.

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