In the news: Bill C-10

From Gayle MacDonald at the Globe and Mail:

From the Canadian Press:


4 thoughts on “In the news: Bill C-10”

  1. The even more problematic thing here is that Telefilm ALREADY refuses funding to these so called ‘objectionable productions’ The text is right there in the Telefilm guidelines.

    I wrote about it today on my blog, I almost crashed my car when I heard the story on the CBC news this evening about this.

    Total BS.

  2. Yeah… ummm… it gets better.

    This morning, on my way to work a right wing evangelist by the name of Charles McVety is now trying to claim credit for the news tidbit. He was in the Globe and Mail this morning, and interviewed on CFRB in Toronto…. the guy sounds like a real loon. I did some looking into him, and wrote another entry of the blog just about him. It’s a real side splitter :)

  3. Stop Bill C-10..
    I will be my own critic and censor..
    No one has the right to infringe of my freedom of choice….
    The arts should be funded on all levels..we need more funding not less
    Kiki Bacik

  4. No one is censoring what films can and cannot be made in Canada. You can still make them. You’ll just have to find your own money, instead of using my money.

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