In the news: The Englishman’s Boy premieres Sunday

From CBC:

  • The Englishman’s Boy rides onto small screen
    “Canadian actor Nicholas Campbell says he approached the iconic role of Shorty McAdoo in The Englishman’s Boy with some trepidation. It wasn’t the fear of portraying a grizzled cowboy-turned-movie-actor in 1920s Hollywood that had him worried — it was the prospect of trying to do justice to Guy Vanderhaeghe’s beloved story.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: The Englishman’s Boy premieres Sunday”

  1. This from the Englisman’s Boy:

    You know what Vincent? I’m just an old whore. And listenin’ to you talk about your easy money and that…it’s already making my pussy hurt. I can only just imagine what it’s gonna be like when you climb aboard and start fucking me full bore.”

    And some bureaucrat bleeps out “fucking”?

    This censorship is obscene and offensive.

    Are arstists like Vanderhaeghe and Chris Haddock not able to have thier work pulled from the CBC and instead run on a network for adults?

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