In the news: MVP’s ‘manbuffet’

From Ryan Fontaine at Xtra:

  • MVP’s puck sluts
    “‘The thing about me,’ says Kent Staines, writer and cocreator of CBC’s new series MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives, ‘is I know nothing about hockey. Nothing. Zero.'” Read more.


The cast of MVP (from left to right) – Dillon Casey (Trevor), Kristin Booth (Connie), Lucas Bryant (Gabe), Peter Miller (Damon), Deborah Odell (Evelyn).

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One thought on “In the news: MVP’s ‘manbuffet’”

  1. I think its a great show, what has the US doen for us, nothing but fight over how much more money they need. Keep up the good work, I like this show,

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