Trojan Horse coming March 30, April 6

From a media release:


Paul Gross is Tom McLaughlin, a politician who watches from the sidelines as Canada relinquishes sovereignty and joins the United States. The former prime minister refuses to lose his country without a fight. The ensuing global political thriller unfolds in THE TROJAN HORSE, a two-part, four-hour miniseries, premiering on CBC Television, Sunday, March 30, at 8 p.m., and concluding Sunday, April 6, at 8 p.m.

THE TROJAN HORSE features an exceptional cast of international stars, including Emmy Award-winner Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences), Emmy Award-winner and Golden Globe nominee Greta Scacchi (Emma), Gemini- and Genie Award-winner Martha Burns (Slings & Arrows), Genie Award-winner and Gemini nominee Saul Rubinek (Ticket to Heaven), Emmy and Gemini nominee Clark Johnson (The Sentinel), Guy Nadon (H2O), Rachael Crawford, and Gemini Award-winner Gross (Due South). Also starring is world-renowned actor William Hutt (Slings & Arrows) in his final performance.

“As anticipation grows on both sides of the border for the upcoming 2008 American presidential election, THE TROJAN HORSE will captivate audiences with stellar performances in a gripping political thriller,” said Kirstine Layfield, CBC-TV’s executive director of network programming.

Set in modern day North America, McLaughlin watches as a majority of Canadians vote to join the United States of America. The Canadian flag comes down and the country is redrawn into six states. Backed by three powerful European intelligence agencies, McLaughlin runs as an independent for president of the newly formed United States with his ex-wife, Texas Governor Mary Miller (Martha Burns) as his running mate.

Veteran British journalist Helen Madigan (Greta Scacchi) uncovers a shocking plot to undermine democracy in the U.S. Believing McLaughlin is an honest broker, she looks to him to expose the corruption in the current administration but instead, discovers a diabolical scheme that will unravel families and nations.

THE TROJAN HORSE is written by Paul Gross and John Krizanc and directed by Genie Award-winning director Charles Binamé (The Rocket). Executive producers are Paul Gross and Frank Siracusa. It is a Whizbang Films Production.


11 thoughts on “Trojan Horse coming March 30, April 6”

  1. Ugh, another Canada/US relations show. Doesn’t the Canadian media have anything else? Does everything abotu this country have to be us vis-a-vis the US?

  2. This is incredibly timely! I am impressed that Paul Gross has the intestinal fortitude to write something that may cause Canadians to pay attention. As NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Agreements create the vehicle for just such a scenario, voting is probably not going to matter one way or the other! The North American Union which includes Mexico is very close on the horizon, perhaps this movie will help to raise the awareness of Canadians who desire real freedom and democracy. I am looking forward to this ‘fictional’ movie.

  3. Thankyou Catherine for the heads-up. Can’t wait to see it.
    It will take a shocker to wake Canada up to its imminent demise.
    I hope the way out fiction does not blind viewers to the much more real truth.

  4. I look forward to another gripping mini-series. Those who saw H2O will know what I mean.

  5. Not surprising our socialist government- owned propaganda machine the CBC would support this attempt to further brain- wash Canadians into a paranoia frenzy about the “enemy” of America.
    Spreading hatred for capitalism and liberty one made for t.v. movie at a time. What is this, North Korea?

  6. Only seeing Trojan Horse will clarify what exactly Paul Gross is saying about the future merger. But based on what’s available so far, he is describing only a larger “United States” absorbing Canada without a hiccup; he does not appear to have included Mexico in the equation. However, the (so-called) Security and Prosperity Partnership does.

    The future may be a lot more murky that is portrayed in this drama. Most comments posted here so far are only making assumptions about the purpose of the film. (E.g. it must be “socialist” and “anti-American”.) However, some Americans are becoming very alarmed about the advancing continental union. Both Republicans and Democrats have challenged the SPP on the grounds that it was never approved by Congress, and would in effect abrogate the U.S. Constitution. (see )

    It is into this larger picture that I will insert Trojan Horse while watching it.

  7. addendum: how did others manage to post a URL but one I included was stripped out? Anyway, look up “StopSPP” in a search engine for details about American opposition to the SPP. (a “dot org” site)

  8. The timing for this mini movie on CBC could not be better in my opinion considering what has been unfolding (most of which has been kept under wraps for a long time) concerning the North American Union [NAU/SPP] involving Mexico, United States and Canada of which all heads of each country have been involved with including some elite corporate members who are encouraging this open border merger behind the scenes. If you are not aware of all the details by now, I highly suggest you start using your favourite search engine. As well, you might want to check out the Vive Le Canada site where the complete timeline is listed. That is an eye opener in itself. Hopefully, some in the U.S. are able to view this Canadian tv channel as there are many Americans who are still not clued in enough regarding the plans of some for a New World Order which will tie in with the European Union which has not been all that successful, imo. Anyway, kudos to the writers, Paul Gross and John Krizanc, and to Charles Binamé , Director.

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