CTV Programming Highlights, March 9-15

From CTV:

Monday, March 10
7 p.m. – 4REAL – “Cameron Diaz – Peru” – ALL-NEW EPISODE
In 4REAL Peru, Sol Guy takes actress Cameron Diaz high into the Andes mountains of Peru. There, young medicine man Puma Singona, of the Quechua tribe, is keeping his people’s ancient knowledge and wisdom alive. Puma introduces Sol and Cameron to his community, takes them high into the mountains for a winter solstice ceremony, and shows them one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu.

7:30 p.m. – Degrassi: The Next Generation – “Pass the Dutchie” – ALL-NEW EPISODE
Spinner deals with chemo, timing how long he can go between barf-buckets, while his cheerleader, Jane, tries to bring the party to him. Too sick and tired for her enthusiasm, Spinner pushes Jane away and turns to marijuana to calm his stomach so he can still function in his classes. When his new dark path collides with his ex-girlfriend Darcy’s, the pair ditch school to wallow in their despair together.

8 p.m. – Corner Gas – “Contagious Fortune” – ALL-NEW EPISODE
Lacey has suspicions over the illegal duplication of Dog River money. Also, Hank gets a case of pink eye, causing Brent and Wanda to panic in Corner Gas. Meanwhile, Karen is frustrated at Davis’ inability to think for himself.

8:30 p.m. – Robson Arms – “Cherchez La Femme” – ALL-NEW EPISODE
Nick returns to Robson Arms from his world tour with a special souvenir, Anke (guest star Carly Pope, Dirt), his new Belgian wife. While she and Nick had a fantastic time travelling together, back in Vancouver her volatile personality and strong convictions come between Nick and Hal’s lifelong friendship. Hal reaches the boiling point and is about to kick them out when Nick breaks down – he thinks he made a mistake by marrying Anke, but feels he’s made a commitment and has to do the right thing. Now Nick must decide if he’s going to stay trapped in the wrong relationship or set himself free.

Wednesday, March 12
7 p.m. – 4REAL – “Eva Mendes – Vancouver” – ALL-NEW EPISODE
In 4REAL Vancouver, Sol Guy brings one of Hollywood’s finest leading ladies, Eva Mendes, to his hometown to connect with community leader Liz Evans and the Portland Hotel Society. Liz and her 200-person staff at the Portland Hotel Society are on the frontlines of lending dignity and stability to the lives of people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a neighbourhood overwhelmed with homelessness, addiction and disease. Sol and Eva experience their projects first hand and connect with a community of people most often ignored by society.